i'm off to greece! the thousand tortures are long gone because here comes the sun!

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when i bought that ticket - it said lufthansa, but the woman in the ticket counter said that its a cooperation between lufthansa and swissair, so after all these confusions, im flying with swissair afterall!

my flight was at 7:30 am! oh god, the night before i didnt slept at all! lol i was so excited! it was my first intercontinental flight in europe! and i would be having a few hours stopover in zürich! good good!

when i went to the airport is was so groggy and looked like a zombie. my eyes were falling down and i looked like a twig! o i tried to find where the swissair counter was and checked in. i needed some drink to wake me up! so i went to the cafe and bar area of the airport, it was my first time to fly in düsseldorf airport, because i landed in frankfurt as i came to germany. i was so impressed with the structure - so beautiful.

while i was having hot chocholate, a woman looked at me and i looked at her - we looked at each other and we recognized each other! - she was the cashier from the supermarket where i buy groceries! lol i moved nect to her and talked lol, apparently she was going to the united states with her family for 2 years of saving money from work! she asked me where i was going and i said to greece - arrrghhh she wanted to leave her family and come with me! LOL hahahaha
we said goodbye to each other and i boarded. as our boarding gate was announced i got so excited! then inside the plane, i was toxic ! i mean GREECE! in summer! what could be better than that?! as a combination of sleepines, getting toxic and excitement, i didnt took a look at my seat number and just sat :D and looking confused hahahahahahahhaahaha until the stewardess asked me what i was going through - well my german was not yet good at that time - so she said in english - that i was sitting in the business class and had to go. hahahahhahaah blonde!. 

haah i swore - that would be the first of the countless misadventures for this trip to greece! hhahaha

lauro says:
i do not have many pics on this blog, because i do not own a camera before. i have a cheap one for 50 euros. but what i have on this blog are wealthy informations.

so be prepared! lol
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
I can't see the pics :P
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
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photo by: Chokk