if there is a greek god of the toilets - i need him now!

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since getting on the bus from athens, ive been drinking too much water. the trip to sounio require about two hours to get there. after an hour or so, im getting crampy! lol i needed a toilet!

i dont know what to do, i kept on squirming at the back of the bus, good thing that the passengers were getting lesser and lesser. i thought in the beginning that they all would go to the temple of poseidon! wahahaha, well anyway, its a provincial bus so most people go home or visit their relatives or whatever.

the bus rolled and drove into the coastal route! it was just amazing what i saw! im seeing greece now for the first time outside athens - which im not really impressed - the countryside is so beautiful! barren and jagged rocks and the sea - the saronikos kolpos is so blue!

then i saw as theb us drove through, some secluded coves! hmmmmm what a great idea! i mean i want to swim again in the mediterrenean but i wouldnt pay like what we did with giorgos and kyriakos. lots of ideas in my head now!

but these ideas are slowly fading as i couldnt concentrate! i really needed to go to the toilet and its embarrasing to ask the driver to stop the bus! anyway - the last passenger on my area of the bus left, so theres only 2 chinese couple in front of me and scattered passengers but at the back i was alone - i dont know when we will arrive in sounio, but i couldnt hold it anymore - im going to explode! lol.

as i couldnt hold any longer, i drank all the water inside the bottle and im going to do the impossible so it seems, lol, i tried to piss inside the bottle lol and the driver kept looking at me from the mirror, but i cant do it! LOL hahahaha i just dont know what to do and im cramping! i just fucking prayed that well be arriving any sooner in sounio - so i can get this bloody water out of me! aaaarghhhh

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