a guide through the rich and colorful history of greece and athens coming from a man of sparta.

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giorgos! my host in athens!
from eleftherios venezilos airport, giorgos and me rode the metro, i was asking giorgos so many questions but he just kept on smiling! lol  really had no idea where we were going! the metro is running through the middle of the highway and left to right i only saw patches of yellow earth!

we passed so many stops in the metro before giorgos said that we have to change trains at syntagma station. it was so chaotic there! i swear i would get lost in athens! because i had not researched about the places and thigns - giorgos promised to me that he would show me everything, damn, wrong decision, i shouldve least researched!

from syntagma, we didnt get out, so i really dont know whats going around in syntagma! hahaha then we took another metro and giorgos said its only 2 stops! it was so crowded in the metro! it was soooo hot too! i can barely breath! the metro is also deeper than the metro in düsseldorf.
kyriakos - the best guide in athens! i owe him everything - and he came from SPARTA!

our stop was the station called omonia, when we got out of the mmetro, my i covered my mouth in awe! it was like in manila, philippines! chaos everywhere! vendors selling on the streets, sidewalks that are the same as in manila! the only difference was greeks and balkans AND SUPRISINGLY CHINESE OR VIETNAMESE?! selling wares on the streets! i mean, before going to greece, i only travelled - germany, belgium luxembourg and the netherlands in europe - so everything was first for me!

giorgos carried my trolley - he was so nice while i lunged my backpack and walked through the dead heat of athens. i already knew what giorgo's address was, he lives in odos averof, i asked him while walking (while also wondering my eyes in this part of athens because it reminded me so much of manila!) what was the name of the street that we were walking, so i can remember it - he said that its the septemvriou street (september) i looked around and its so difficult because the street names were written in greek like this: Σεπτέμβριος (septemvriou) and in fading letters which was so sad.
the area where im staying in athens!

so we followed septemvriou street then turned around to another street, (which i later found out as dionysius solomou street) then followed a street which looked similar to septemvriou before finally reaching averof street! OH MY GOD! i dont know where i am! hahha actually, i dont really know giorgos that much ONLY IN CHAT! and here i am following him and i dont know where am i (ok i repeated that again lol)! to be honest, i was scared!  the area is also a bit creepy! and it also smelled strange for me, lots of men were looking at me - well because i looked different and i immediately walked faster to catch the stride of giorgos.

then finally we stopped into this huge apartment with a glass door and marbled floors! the building has an elevator inside it! i couldnt beleive it! lol then we went inside and asked giorgos which flat he lives and he said on the very top! whoa! when we arrived - the flat WAS FUCKING GORGEOUS! giorgios and his flatmate renovated the flat before i came! it has a huge ceiling and lots of doors! VERY MEDITERENEAN.
giorgos and kyriakos lives on the top of a 5 storey apartment! just wow!
then giorgos led me to the balcony and IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! the view was absolutely no match! we were directly at the foot of the lykavetos hill and the parthenon can be seen from the distance!!!!!!! i hugged giorgos and thank him! for this blessing! i couldnt ask for more!

giorgos and me smoked for a while, the we heard somebody came in, it was kyriakos, giorgos' flatmate! we introduced each other, and kyriakos was so nice like giorgos but more communicative. it was so hot and humid, we took out our tshirts! the heat was so unbearable in athens! but i didnt felt sleepy anymore, i was wide awake!

after having some conversations, i looked at the watch and its only late afternoon, and greece was ahead of an hour from germany - thank god giorgos said that to me before, so i adjusted my mobile time.
view of the lykavetos from the flat.
then giorgos and kyriakos said to me that they will leave me, because they needed sleep. so i was alone. i went to the bathroom and took a shower of very cold water - the thing i cant do in germany! it was so refreshing, but before that i asked permission if i could use the internet.

the funny thing i recognized - is that everytime i eat or drink, i kept throwing up! it was really so hot and humid but i needed somethign for my stomach! i need to eat! so i went to the refrigerator and found a half watermelon, i sliced and ate it, it felt so refreshing from the heat! but everytime i try to eat food other than watermelons, i threw them up, i thought my body needed some adjustments because of the huge weather and temperature difference from germany, i guess i would feel better tomorrow.

i was sitting in the balcony and smoking when kyriakos came, he just woke up, it wabout 6-7 in the evening, he asked me how have i been and i said im a little bit sick adjusting to the temperature.
in one of these flats, i saw a man beat his wife, my mouth was just wide open.
he also lighted a cigarette and we talked in the balkon with the fading sun. he told me everything in athens and he told me about his roots, he and his family originated from sparta, the rival of athens in the ancient times! he told me that before he moved into the city to study french he was living with his grandmother somewhere in the imitós (hymettus) mountain around athens. i was so curious! i asked him where imitós mountain was! then we stood up and he pointed at me. it eas getting dark now, then suddenly kyriakos asked me if i would like to take a walk with him! OF COURSE I SAID YES!

so we dressed up and hurried down! the cool breeze in the night withouth the sun was so refreshing! it was actually a bit chilly, but better than the afternoon.

we walked and he explained to me how can i walk around averof to acropolis and syntagma.
im enjoying the view from the balkon.
we walked out of averof street - then again to septemvriou where he said to me that the way me and giorgos walked earlier was complicated - i should just follow septemvriou street and it will lead me to averof! i was so fucking grateful for kyriakos!

he said to me that the crossing between averof, septemvriou and oktuvriou is the main road going to the syntagma and acropolis. i asked  kyriakos what is this syntagma that i kept hearing about! he laughed and he told me it is the parliament of greece! wow!  we followed oktuvriou street and he showed me the national archeological museum and the polytechnic - where giorgos works as a teacher. then finally oktuvriou street came to an end, kyriakos again said to me that i MUST follow panepistimiou street. the landmark is the academy of athens, where it is located in panepistimiou street.
just landed in athens and im soooo fugly! lol haha
kyriakos was such an amazing tour guide! and it was in the dark! we were laguhing and smoking in the streets of athens and having fun while having trivia about greek gods and godesses!

finally we came to the end of panepistimiou and behold, the lighted syntagma! and across is a great plaza and the handsome building of hotel brittania!

we went to the plaza - plateia syntagmatos and through a street called ermou, he told that that ermou is the greek word for commerce, which means this street is the main shopping district of athens! then i aksed kyriakos, why is it that the parthenon was built on the acropolis rathern than on the top of lykavetos where it is the highest point in athens? kyriakos said to e, because in the acropolis, there is water but in the lykavetos there is not! oh my god!!! it was like kyriakos is a heaven sent from above!

we followed ermou street until to the end were a small orthodox church was located - kaprikarea and from there walked and just followed the lights of the parthenon.
view from the balkon! i love it!
it wasnt hard from there! and at the foot of the parthenon were many bars, kyriakos asked me if i wanted to have some drinks but i said no, because i am feeling so tired already! so after exploring the night life of athens, we headed back but used a different route, we went to the fish market - varvakios agora then from there made our way back to panepistimiou then to septemvriou then back to averof.

i was so tired after that but i was so happy! but kyriakos wasnt yet sleepy - we checked on giorgos and still asleep - he must have had a long night yesterday! kyriakos and me sat on the balkon watching the lights of the parthenon, smoked and chatted and chatted far into the night  - then finally i cant do it anymore and we said goodnight to each other!

lauro says:
thank you so much nab! i dont have any nice pictures here coz my camera is quite a crap but i have lots of stories to tell! ^_^
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
Nabilah23 says:
aaah,this brings bk so many memories frm when i ws in athens lst yr! I also hd a amazing host i met online,same as u,i found the greeks r such friendly ppl &v.patriotic! lookin 4ward 2yr nxt blog entries:)
Posted on: Sep 20, 2009
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giorgos! my host in athens!
giorgos! my host in athens!
kyriakos - the best guide in athen…
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just landed in athens and im sooo…
view from the balkon! i love it!
view from the balkon! i love it!
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