finally in GREECE! FREEDOM OR DEATH?! harruh harruh! wahahaha

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swissair is an amazing airline!!! i get to know a lovely elderly flight attendant who was very attentive to me! well, who wouldnt be?! i looked so much dragged from lack of  sleep, i looked like i was going to faint!

the food was amazing too! though the plane can carry about more than 150 passengers, it still doenst have individual tv screens. but thats ok, i enjoyed my pizza and cola from the most friendly flight attendant in the world!

it was very noisy inside the plane! uughhhhhh lots of young people, i was seated beside a man from india, he was all in black and he has all the black things in the world! black laptop, black ballpen - things were all black! lol - i was really tired and sleepy and amazingly i fell asleep.

then suddenly i was awakened and startled and i gave a hoarse shriek lol hahaha apprently the flight attendant tapped me if i wanted to have chocolates! hahahhahaha she laughed too and smile at me, i like her! hahaha but no, i declined the chocolates - i dont like chocolates - i like salty chips better! lol.

we passed the alps, the balkan countries and now approaching greece! i was so excited!a s we approached athens,  i looked out of the plane window and i can see mountains of yellow, barren but lots of white buildings! lol - i felt i was i nthe desert! it was also amazing with the blue sea!

as we boarded out of the plane, the friendliest flight attendant in the world was saying goodbye to the passengers - we smiled at each other and finally i spoke in german  - auf wiedersehen! lol hahaha

it is an ancient tradition, that if someone landed in greece, you have to kiss the ground, but i cant because its the floor of the airport lol, for which it is not located in athens itself - but northeast in the small city of spata.

i sent an sms to giorgos that i already landed! and he said he will pick me up in the airport! great!

it was a bit complicated going out of the customs, we had to fall in the ONLY  line, as i got my bags -i went to the line, there was one line there but only for greek passports, and the people controlling were busy talking to each other and it taaaaaaaaaaakkkesss so much time blah blah! welcome to the balkans!

behind me were americans, and it felt strange to hear american english accent! i havent heard it for quite some time! 2 years! lol when it was my turn, the grumpy custom cotroller looked and flipped my passport and wondered why dont i have a visa, i told him i have a resident permit in germany and i can go to the schengen countries, he looked at me hardly! and asked me what am i going to do in greece! lol haha i told him im going to visit a friend! looked at me again and finally stamped my fucking passport! lol haha.

when i got out of the customs thing and in the arrival area, it was so god damn hot in peak summer, i thought i was going to melt! lol. i smoked outside while waiting for giorgos, there were buses too outside disembarking and embarking passengers, but i really dont know! lol greek is a strange language for me, but i was so excited and it didnt faltered my spirits.

finally giorgos came! when we saw each other we hugged! its nice to see him and i thanked him for inviting me to visit him in his country - greece! he  asked what kind of transportation  do we use?! bus or metro - and i said metro lol! he has a ticket already and he went to the ticket counter and bought tickets for me! wow! he was so generous! he talked in greek and i really have no idea where wer were going! when we got inside the metro- well i asked him where were we going?! lol hahah he said that we take this metro from the airport, until a certain point then change metro again to the place where he lives!

that sounds good to me! well anyway, i trusted giorgos! he told me beforehand that he will take care of everythign and show me greece! also booking a ferry to the island!

oh my god! i was so excited and looking out of the metro window everytime! i am in greece! the adventures starts  - will it be freedom?!! or death?!! lol! i wouldnt know!

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photo by: danielrice20