chuchichäschtli u himelgüegeli - ändlech da bini! ooopps a stop in zürich!

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i was really pissed at myself, here i was, sitting on plane full of people who can speak german and a german airline and yet, i was so embarassed because i couldnt speak good german, i wasnt confident enough. when the flight attendant asked me if i needed assistance i answered meekly in english wahahaha.

it was a small plane but a nice one! in an hour we landed in zürich - it was cloudy and rainy. then i went to look for the tv screens that showed boarding gates. when i saw the boarding gate to athens, greece. i was relieved.

then i continued to walk and walk and walk, wow zürich airport is big! then i didnt went through immigration and continued walking. then i saw so many people - hmmm i dont want to sound discriminating but "coloured" people being interrogated near the immigration gate, well switzerland is a very strict country.

i looked for a smoking area, my eyes were really falling because of lack of sleep. when i found one, i smoked. i have two hours to kill. while i was in the smoking area, i sent an sms to my mother and said to her im going to greece, her reply was: what are you going to do there?! ahahaha i sent an sms back that i am going to swim in the sea lol. wahaha.

after consuming so many cigarettes, i do not know where to go, then i got hungry and went around the airport, and oh my god! its a big shopping mall! i dont even feel that i am inside an airport! amazing designer shops too! oh my god! lol.

i got hungry, but i couldnt afford the classy restaurants. i went to cafe which look affordable and bought 1 piece of croissant. i asked if i can pay in euro and its ok - well THAT CROISSANT WAS BLOODY TWO EUROS! arrrghhh. i was eating the croissant while i went to the boarding gates.

it was still 20 minutes before boarding and that pice of croissant didnt gave me much, there was a snack bar at the boarding gate, so i went there and grabbed a dorito and a cola. i asked the seller if i can pay again in euro and i can, then i asked how much was that SMALL BAG  of dorito and she SAID BLOODY FIVE EUROS! aarrrghhhh i would starve in switzerland! LOL nyahahaha.

it couldnt get any happier as i opened my doritos and they announced the boarding wahaha, so in bite in my greedy mouth i ate all the chips and gulp down the cola as fast i could!

i lined up and im starting to wake up with the excitement again! there were many people lined up.. i guess it must be a big plane, i thought! well its more than two hours from zürich to greece! we will see!

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