another 30 minutes to go! arrrrghhh

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i couldnt hold on any longer, i needed a toilet - apparently luck wasnt on my side as i thought that the temple of poseidon is located in sounio itself, BUT NO. its still a couple of minutes far from the town! arrrrghhh. im really sweating from cramping and the aircon didnt helped either!

there were very few of us inside the bus! i became so impatient! so i looked out the windos - i closed the curtina because  i thought i can do it in the bottle but now luck! wahahaha and then in the distance - i saw huge cliff jutting out from the! there i was i again! excited! because eventhough its still a little bit distant, i could see the ruin on the top of the cliff already! and all the few people inside the bus - went to the right side and looked at the view of the temple from the window of the bus, naturally, i just rolled my eyes! wahahaha.

the bus really teased me, as it stopped for a minute at the town of sounio! arrrghhhh - i really needed a damn toilet! arrrggghhh finally as we got out of sounio town, the bus drove uphill and finally came to a halt in a small stop with a restaurant and shop! i immediately went down at the bus and went inside the restaurant and went to the toilet! FINALLY THE GODS HAD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS! arrrghhhh!

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photo by: travelman727