a birthday present - first trip of my first salary for a trip to greece! harruh harruh!

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in 2006, i got my very first job in germany! would you believe i landed as a cook for a social center?! which meant, that i am gonna cook lunch for school children! it was also a challenge for me because i had muslim children at the social center, which means i would not prepare food anything from pork meat - i was even surprised to know that i cant also prepare gelatins for them as dessert because - believe it or not - gelatins are made from pig bones. it was an amazing time! cooking and preparing food for the children and the most amazing part was - i got my first salary!

in that time in germany, i was still adjusting to the weather - even in spring, it was dark and cloudy and i got sick and weak - i went to a doctor and he said it was only psychological but he advised me to go where the sun is.

well certainly i still wont go back to the philippines, ahahaha, at the same time while things were unfolding, i got to know a friend in athens, greece through chat - giorgos! we were chatting blah blah blah - until we were comfortable with each other and he invited me to stay with him in athens, greece! what?!!! i just couldnt believe that!

my mind was racing! of course, i didnt said yes immediately! lol im the shy type - would you believe that?! LOL but it will be the first steo of my dreams here in europe! when i was a child - i already had connections with greek mythology and greek history! i aced all my exams in high school about greek civilization! scary and creepy - well thats me - GEEKY! nyahaha.

so whats the use of aceing this stuff withouth even going to greece itself?!!!


the problem was - i am still ignorant in booking tickets! lol i mean i dont have any credit cards and i dont know the travel websites that let people book ticket with debit cards - so on my birthday on the 9th of june, i went to the airport to purchase tickets from düsseldorf to athens!

the problem was - its the high summer season and tickets were high priced! but i was determined and stayed there for a while hoping i can get a cheap ticket - and so i did! the woman at lufthansa counter was so helpful and friendly - i got a cheap ticket in the high season for 320 euros! not bad for a high season! i want to kiss the woman at the ticket counter because its the best birthday gift i had!

i immediately messaged giorgos that i have the tickets! and he said he will prepare his flat and renovate it for the time i would came! amazing! i dont even know him personally! lol hahaha

it was really ironic because as soon as i got that ticket the sun was god damn shining! lol and the weather forecast said that in the month of june and july it will be sunny in germany! aaarrrrghhhh

but it doenst matter! it is a birthday present, a first trip of my first salary for a trip to greece! harruh harruh!

KeikoCreative says:
Sound familiar, think I had that in Greek restaurants over here, taste special. I love their food, very nice;)
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
lauro says:
yadiiiiiiii!!! wenn du wieder in europa bist - nicht vergesen - greece zu besuchen!!!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
lauro says:
keiko: drink the greek aperetif ouzo! lol
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
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