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postcard of Fenway Park

It was tough taking this trip, but I felt this need to travel somewhere. This was the first trip on my own, since the passing of my father. At this point, my interest in travel started to go downhill, as I was not thinking straight for many reasons. One, how my mother would fare without me being around. And two, just thinking about my father and what could have been.

I decided to take a trip to Boston, my second time visiting. This time, I would visit the few attractions that I missed during my first visit in 1998. I got to visit the Harrison Gray Otis House, and the Nichols House. At the Nichols House, I would run into a couple from Edmonton, and we ended up talking some sports. They told me that they were going to a Red Sox game.

postcard of Provincetown
I never planned on it, but they somehow changed my mind on it.

So I bought a ticket from StubHub, and headed to the hostel. From the hostel, I walked to Fenway Park, where it felt like a party atmosphere. I sat in the outfield seats, as there does not seem to be a bad seat at this place. The Boston Red Sox took on the Baltimore Orioles, and the Red Sox lost. This was the first baseball game that I went to, outside of Philly, and the first American League game. It was weird for me to not see the pitcher bat at all.

I did take a day trip outside of Boston, visiting Lexington, where the first shots were fired, that sparked the Revolutionary War. It had some charm to it, in addition to the tourist sites, it was also a residential suburban neighborhood. In some ways, it reminded me of home. When coming back, I took a trip to the top of the Prudential Tower, for night time views of Boston, and had an audioguide.

I would pick up a car at Logan Airport, and head down to Cape Cod. But first, I stopped by the town of Plymouth. I visited the Mayflower, which was the ship that the Pilgrims rode on, to get to America. Plus saw the Plymouth Rock, which is just a rock. Then went to Pilmouth Plantation, which was a replica of a Pilgrim settlement. I walked around the grounds, then spent a little time in the museum.

I got to Cape Cod, and rode it almost all the way around. First, I stopped by Truro, to check in the hostel there. Then went to Provincetown, and walked along the main street, and just browsed through some shops, plus walked along the docks. It was a nice place to stroll.

Back at Truro, the hostel was not far from the sea. I did walk on the sand for a bit, and just looked at the ocean. Just kept thinking about what is to come next, once I get back home. It was still hard not to think about my father.

I drove back, as it was Labor Day. I would run into traffic, but decided to stop by a small town called Sandwich. I looked around for a bit, which looked so quiet and charming. I did visit the Glass Museum, which was okay. And stopped by a mill, as I was shown how grits was made. It was a nice detour.

I got back to Boston, walking around Cambridge for a little while. The next day, I would head back on an early morning flight, and back to work.

This trip was a nice diversion, but there is no substitute for time, as I can't speed up the time to get over the loss in my family. Also, I just was not into taking photographs, hence why I posted a few postcards here instead.

cotton_foam says:
The Plymouth Plantation is quite a nice place to visit...
Posted on: Aug 01, 2016
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postcard of Fenway Park
postcard of Fenway Park
postcard of Provincetown
postcard of Provincetown
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