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my 6th grade photo

This blog is mainly about looking back, with the summaries of past travels, and any photos of from those travels that I can find, and willing to upload here on TravBuddy. 

Back then, I used a camera with a roll of film, to take photos. I was very cheap at the time, so I tend to not take many pictures, and almost all the photos had me in them. That was because my thinking went like this: if I was not in the picture, then it's no different than a postcard.

Speaking of which, I used to buy a lot of postcards, usually as a substitute for taking pictures of the landmarks and the city itself. I ended up with so much in my collection. All of this came to a definite end, when I finally got a digital camera. In fact, I ended up getting 2 cameras, as both my mom and sister decided to upgrade for new cameras.

probably at some airport
But I will be posting some of the postcards here as well.

I am not sure how far back I can go back with my past travels, since some vacation photos are lost, and others have my family members in them. I don't know how they would feel if I posted photos of them on the internet, so out of respect, I will rarely post any of them here. Hence, in some blogs, I'll mention them, but almost no photos of them posted on TB. As a result of all this, majority of this blog will be from the time I started to travel by myself, up until around the time I joined TB.

Looking back at these photos, I cannot help but cringe at times, mainly on how I was dressed back then, with my Coke bottle glasses, and a major acne problem. I was one of those kids that just put on anything, not really understanding how to dress properly, or if the shirt and pants matches. The result was often looking very bad. It certainly did not help that I hated shopping for clothes, big-time!

Also, when traveling with family, I often hated posing for photos, hence why I have this annoying look on my face most of the time. I try to smile a little more, but it often ends up looking creepy. Being a teenager, I was not really interested in traveling, and honestly, was more interested on how my sports teams were doing than enjoying the place that I was currently at. For example, I can remember a trip to the Domician Republic, and kept wondering if the Eagles beat the 10-0 Giants on that Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The dates of some of the trips, are just guesses, as I don't remember at all when exactly I visited some of the places. For this entry, I just randomly select a date to make sure it's the first entry of this blog. And I've transferred most of the separate blogs from that period, and put them in here. As a result, I would lose the smiles and comments from before.

So now, looking back at the past trips that I have taken. And to start off, couple photos from my much younger years.

hightide says:
Same here - We were cheap with rolls as well.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2016
cotton_foam says:
You're so funny! Of course, you are cute in these photos!!
Posted on: Nov 18, 2015
halilee says:
Congrats on your featured blog!! :)
Posted on: Aug 01, 2013
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my 6th grade photo
my 6th grade photo
probably at some airport
probably at some airport