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The town of Blois is touristy based on the branded shops scattered around the small town. The most popular attraction of course is the Château de Blois.  We rushed through our lunch at 3pm at a nice petite café beside the château fearing that we will not be able to explore well the place as it closes at 6pm. After all, the guide books says we should allot 2~3 hours per château. We must be some kind of super genius as we were able to see the whole place in a little over 1 hour, haha!

The building structure is grand and colossal, and when you get there first, and this being my very first château, it was quite overwhelming.  But a lot of the areas were closed so it’s easy to breeze through the 4 stories of the east wing, which is basically the only one open to public.

I think people spend more time at the souvenir shop, hehe.  Oh well, I guess if you want to stay and watch the documentary they have, in the language you choose, you can easily spend over 2 hours in here. The interesting things you see in here are the crazy and lavishly decorated bed rooms of the royalty.  They have elaborate patterned wall papers, ceilings, stained glass, heavy curtains, great chimneys, and grand oil paintings by known artists of that time. My most favorite item in the château is the infant baby grand piano with intricate designs. I love it and spend a lot of time taking picture of it.

After the souvenir shop, it was still early and we had to decide if we want to go back to our little town of nowhere, Mer, or stay.  The guide book did say that there are some happening places in here and so we decided we will wait for it to happen.

It being still 5pm, we decided to walk about the shops and got tea and cake at this nice little place. We’ve been noticing that a lot of the eating places we go to only have 1 person working in there and so it usually takes a long time for them to notice us and get our orders. Of course the order also takes a while, but in the same token, we can also sit there forever.  Then at 7pm, we decided to go to the Velvet Jazz where it supposed to have live band playing every Thursday, as it says so in the guide book, and also at the billboard of the place.  We needed a few to calculate what day it is today, as with when we’re on holiday, we lost tract of any sense of time or date. We decided that we’re very fortunate as it was Thursday and ordered a bottle of wine!  This of course will also serve as our dinner, lol.

We had to do a lot of ordering and inquiring and getting instructions in French here in the province. I’m really quite happy for that because it’s some kind of validation of the 2 years I’ve been going to Alliance. Sometimes we get thrown off when they suddenly asked us something we do not expect, like if we order water and they want to know if we want them with ‘gaz’.  We look at each other, ‘glace’?  but it’s freezing!? Anyway, there never was a live band. We finished our wine and left for neverland.


azzurri says:
"little town of nowhere" - hahaha
Posted on: May 08, 2007
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