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"isn't it going to be nice not sleeping in a bag?"

the ultimate existential question: "you never know when someone's above you taking a shit."

"i love owning noners."

"oh my god! i almost stepped on the man in the box!"

"they don't know how to handle the basilisk problem in varanasi."

in 30 minutes, walking down bhagsu and temple road:
"hey look, there's the man that lives in a box."
"yea, what's his deal?"
"and look, that dog is going under the table."
"and he's on fire!"
"and that man is carrying a steel barrel of gas on his back!"
"is that a legless man rolling down the street?"
"oh yea, him. i've seen him everywhere."
"oh wait, he has legs."
"hey, that kid looks really funny, with his shiny ali baba pants and his hip hop shoes."

conversation with shop owners:
"how much you pay?"
"150 rupees."
"maximum price?"
"go a little higher."
"no, 150."
"what's your highest price you pay?"
"last chance. what's your maximum?"
"last chance. go higher."
"no. 150."
"last chance."

wandering man selling drums:
"you like a drum?"
"no thanks."
"i sell for good price. how much you pay?"
"no thank you, i don't want a drum."
"how much?"
"nothing, i don't want a drum."
"very cheap price. how much you pay maximum?"
"go a little higher."
"...5 rupees."
"no, too cheap. 400 rupees."
"no, i don't want a drum."
"how much you pay?"
"nothing, no, i don't want a drum."
"no, what is your maximum price?"
"...5 rupees. i will take a drum if its less than 5 rupees."
"no, 400."
"no. i don't want a drum."
"it's a nice drum. you pay 400."
"no. i don't want a drum."

more hindi:
behn chode - sister fucker (used instead of motherfucker)
chup - shut up
atcha - good (as in 'okay' or 'right')
anji - yes
ji - respectful title
challo - let's go
insha alla - we'll see / "it's in god's hands"-type thing
rrrenata says:
all of this was documented by anna and i with belly-aching, howling laughter. does that make it positive??? :-D
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
qumle says:
did you get to buy whatever it was for 150?
Posted on: Apr 16, 2009
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