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Ship Creek
woke up at the crack of dawn. literally.
well, except that it didn't actually "crack."
stole showers across the street at the campground.
head out for milford sound!
we only had 1/2 tank of petrol, but we had to get there in time for our cruise, and no stations were open...
started out, passed the signs saying "no gas in milford sound," kept going....
then when we realized that we would potentially come back with as much as 3 liters of petrol in the tank if we were lucky, we turned around to get gas.
and we still made it to the cruise on time!

the cruise was on a relatively small boat, with free muffins and tea :)
we watched as the magnificent mountains burst up through the fiord all around us in the early morning sun.
the mountains are so huge and majestic...covered in beautiful green trees and waterfalls and mist.

i'll let you look at the pictures.
it was amazing. incredible. intense. fucking gorgeous.

the drive back from milford sound was just as beautiful!
"breathtaking" really is the best way to describe it.
or maybe "indescribable"?
we stopped outside homer tunnel for a nap in the pouring rain.
it was so much fun watching the kea parrots and watching the tourists watching the kea parrots!
we sat in the van and watched people and birds for hours.
some people thought they were hilarious, others wanted to kill them.
[they eat the rubber from the car windows. AND they broke off someone's antenna.]
jamie reckons they're really good bums, they know how to play the crowd.

spent the night in hereford falls in a carpark, amidst a bunch of other vans, in front of a sign saying "no overnight camping."
hike to the falls. singing. sleep.

yummy beers:
renaissance porter ale. oh my chocolate loving god.
monteith's summer ale.

effervescent furniture guarantees highly imaginative jailbait; kentucky loving men never overestimate predatory queers regarding sadistic transsexuals; underestimate valliant women xenophobically; young zippy acrobats brace chlamydia defiantly!
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Ship Creek
Ship Creek