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fires and droughts and floods, oh my

on the fires:

on the floods:

on new zealand:

on language:
good on ya!
how ya goin?
barbie - barbeque
they don't say 'throw a shrimp on the barbie'
prawn - shrimp
thongs - flip flops (jandals)
fuck all - nothing
bogan - hick
hoon - hoodlum, jackass with a car
suss - bad, sketchy, suspect
tosser - tool, wanker, one who is self-important
wanker - "
winge - complain
pay out - tease
hang shit on - tease
arvo - afternoon
esky - cooler (chilly bin)
full on - intense, a lot
swimmers - swim suit
dear - expensive
shit stirrer - instigator; one who likes to cause trouble
'fair enough' as a canned response.
aussie ('ozz-ie') accent is more in the roof of the mouth near the uvula and the cheeks than american.
i am starting to incorporate "reckon" into my daily vocabulary!
not as much 'eh?' here as new zealand.
aussies make fun of kiwi accents.

random funny things:
http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/San_Francisco (scroll down)
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