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the road trip:

hitched a ride with sebastian in his BIG BLUE VAN! taupo > wellington.
totally hand-made van, with a plywood shelf, big bed in the back, drilled speaker holes.
saw a car flipped over on it's roof!
no one was stopping.....
we called the police. they were totally mellow, asked for all sorts of our personal details, didn't really seem to register that there was a car, flipped over on it's roof...
fuck, man!
they sent a cop.
then an ambulance.
we got back to the scene of the accident (nothing else, only the flipped car) - everyone was fine.
little kids in the back were wearing their seat belts.
2 more accidents on the way down.
stopped in...somewhere...for some tea.
argued intensely about will power and consciousness.
had lunch inside the van livingroom in a rainstorm.


joel's couch surfing barbeque, met people, drank wine.
found out that nerds are the same all over the world... :)
cuba street is a cute semi-pedestrian mall, with lots of shops and cafes and restaurants.
mini-bungee swing thing at the harbor - weightlessness is fun!
first night of chanukah with rachel (CSer) and a progressive shul in the city.
the weather has been drizzly and cloudy...but we had a couple days of gorgeous hot sunshine!
i hitchhiked! really! i did it! with ulrik's company, just a short ride into the city from katie's house. wooo! exciting :)
couch surfing at katie's house in newtown...she is full of amazing energy.
katie speaks maori. she is energetic and inspiring.
spent some fabulous time with nick and taylor, musicians from louisiana...and co-surfers at katie's place.
they are raw-foodigans, so i've been eating deliciously nurturing raw food.
katie left, but she's letting us stay in her house while she's gone! incredible.
went to the Big Kumara (student bar) to dance to crappy music with plastic people.
afterwards, went to some fancy expensive place for multiple tequila shots and karaoke.
bars close around 4.
jewish christmas eve: drinks at a bar, and we lit candles and sang the brachot!
afterwards, we went out for chinese food. now all we need is a trip to the movies, and we'll be all set.
volunteered at the aro st. community center for christmas lunch today...cooked, prepped food, packed food, and delivered meals on wheels.
delivering meals is one of the most gratifying "charity" things i have done yet. people are so happy to receive the gift of food and company, and it just feels wonderful to brighten someone's day. then again, you also see some really depressing parts of humanity...
i feel like i haven't seen wellington, even though i've been here for several days. ulrik and i have been wandering around cuba st and the ped mall area, but...that's it. at least it's been relaxing.
tomorrow i'll probably go spend way too much money on camping gear.
then, ferry to picton!

museum geekout:

the te papa museum is indeed a nice museum. i was skeptical, but people are right! it's got a very diverse collection and a modern interpretive approach. the architecture is clean and minimal, complementing and not intrusive. the signage is very clear, what is on each floor - when you get there - and which way to go for what. the circulation is smooth, although it's not obvious where you should go first. the content is a mix of interesting and, well...not so interesting. not too many touch screens (yay!), maybe half the exhibits are interactive in one way or another...pull something, push something, spin, touch screen, etc. there is a lot of environmental soundscaping going on, which really pulls you into the experience. the graphics are a mix of good and terrible - they definitely didn't have just one graphic design team on it! some of the graphics have black lettering over a photograph, and you can barely read the words. others are generic.
best of all: it's free.

things i might do, soon:

-maybe for new years:
-hang out in nelson...maybe with some gypsies? or couch surfers? or friends of friends?
-abel tasman multi-day kayaking trip with ulrik and shannon and maybe shannon's friend:
-heaphy track:

things i learned:

1 the hole in the ozone layer is right above new zealand. wear sunscreen, lots.
2 ra marie (mah-ree-ay) = have a peaceful/filled day
3 po marie = have a peaceful night
4 ata marie = " morning
5 ahi ahi marie = " afternoon
6 soak nuts for a LONG time before eating them, so that they don't expand in your stomach and make you feel ill.
7 eat good salt to battle dehydration (without salt, your body can't utilize the water you're drinking!).
8 has all sorts of delicious raw things (chocolate bliss, fiesta molé...).
9 if you let your hair grow in (pits, legs), it will eventually thin and lighten.
10 to look right, then left, when i cross the street.

raw "sushi" recipe:

"meat" paté: walnut, tomato, tomato molé, lemon juice, garlic, salt; pureé.
avocado slices
shredded carrot
wrap those ingredients in raw seaweed, or chard / big leaf lettuce.

super delicious dressing:

1 part apple cider vinegar
1.5 parts olive oil
agave nectar to taste
salt to taste
molé w/ tomato
cayenne pepper
soy sauce
optional: walnuts, mushed up

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