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movie on the plane: something masti? three men bored with their possessive, boring wives (lentil curry) decide to go out and find misstresses (biryani). they all fall for the same woman...who set them up! then she's killed.

...then the plane lands.

what movie is this?? how does it end????

our first 24 hours in india:
- get stared at in airport
- scarecrows at the airport runway
- shanty towns around mumbai airport
- sign my life away for a sim card
- mosquitoes inside the plane and the bus
- no water in the bathroom at the airport
- taxi bombardment and intense haggling
- death mystery taxi ride to arambol
- four power failures
- tabla lesson
- motorbike victim lady, lying in a cafe
- dogs and cows and goats...everywhere

backwards in india:
- escalators go down, stairs for up.
- "good morning" at night, and vice versa.
- when flushing the toilet, water comes out instead of going in.

not enchanted by goa. arambol is filled with tourists ("where all the european hippies come to die") charm, no culture. we made it through 2 days in goa before running away to varanasi.

want to learn some hindi?
shukriya - thank you
shubratri - good night
bahod - very
sundarhe - beautiful
kopora - cloth
apka - you
me(i)ra - my
tumhara - your
mujko - me (or hapka)
kal suba milenge - see you tomorrow
t k - okay
aramse - relax
ruko - stop

qumle says:
thats nice to know:)
Posted on: Mar 20, 2009
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dark tower? this is the third #19 …
dark tower? this is the third #19…
strangest combination of people
strangest combination of people
photo by: Orange_Girl