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...for me.

i have been having an amazing time in brisbane - and i haven't even really "seen" anything! spending REAL time with REAL people is really what makes a trip. these connections with PEOPLE are what i was longing for without even realizing it.

some cool things i'm noticing:
-i've stopped hearing the accents of people i am close with.
-kids wear absolutely adorable uniforms here...their little hats with wide brims, collared dresses, tie, and each different color or slightly different style for a different school...and they all get on the train and it's just so cute!
-i am really incorporating conscious communication and self-awareness and presence into my life and interactions.

some cool things i've been doing in brisbane:
-GoMA, for the optimism exhibition (twice!)
-the Shire on monday nights, for live music at a cafe outside on a school night (twice!)
-bushwalk in spring book with ben + megan
-powerhouse, press photography exhibit
-magnificent magical gigantic fig tree, with a playground running through it
-hanging out with ryan and megan and ben and karl and becky and lila and cass and tim and thready adam and woody and mandie and nicky and kaitlyn and tana and the amazing couchsurfing community
-eating kangaroo!
-eating spicy indian food (okay okay, so most would say mild.
three monkeys at the three monkeys
..or even bland....but i ate it even while my mouth burned! and i bore it! and i survived!)
-eating lots of garlic and vitamin c, to get rid of this nasty mean cold that attacked my body last week...and is being very loyal, still. grrr...
-eating deadly delicious fish and chips (fush and chups, as the kiwis would say :) on a bay excursion with cass and tim! and thready adam!
-byron bay road trip!
-sunshine coast with mandie!
-"couchsurfed" at maleny b&b!

the farewell:
I packed up my life into my rucksack once again, while mandie and nicky kept me company, and baby will ran around with his adorable orange hair waving around behind him. a difficult pause to a surprising, unbelievable, fucking amazing intense connection with mandie led to an Indonesian restaurant with megan and ben.
dancing at the shire on monday nights!
.. fantastic food, and even better company, they celebrated my -early- birthday with me in brisbane, followed by jenga and speed scrabble at a really cool little cafe in west end (cafe cocholecco, or something like that?), serenaded by a nifty one-man band, with slide guitar, didjeridoo, mouth harp and bells. then, sadly, the three of us made our way to the airport.

now I am sitting in the airport in kuala lumpur, waiting to board a plane to Phuket. I am grateful for all the relationships that were kindled in the last few weeks, starting with dear mike on the way to the cairns airport what feels like so long ago. who knew that taking the red-eye out of cairns on a last-minute decision that first lead to breakfast with a fellow American diver, would ultimately bring me to a group of people and experiencing that are heart-breaking to leave?

I feel confident, fulfilled, excited, loved, rich and happy.

thank you to everyone who I've shared this glimpse of life with.
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three monkeys at the three monkeys
three monkeys at the three monkeys
dancing at the shire on monday nig…
dancing at the shire on monday ni…
yoga on the river - and theres li…
yoga on the river - and there's l…
GIGANTIC fig tree! with a playgrou…
GIGANTIC fig tree! with a playgro…
mandie and me at the sunshine coas…
mandie and me at the sunshine coa…
maleny b&b backyard
maleny b&b backyard
photo by: Mezmerized