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cass and tim, CS hosts in brisbane #1!
what i'm up to these days:
-hanging out in brisbane.
-meeting awesome people and connecting with locals and making friends.
-scrambling over boulders through a raging river in purlingbrook falls.
-when i first landed in brisbane (took the earliest flight out of cairns that i could!), mandie met me at the train station and surprised me with a fresh fruit smoothie! then she took me to a stretch and relax yoga class. what an AMAZING way to land in a new city!
-after that, i met cassandra [CS host #1!] in the city, and she took me back to her place and got me settled in and made me feel welcome and totally at home! we went to mt. coot-tha, which is a breathtaking view of the neverending city of night.
-now i am staying with karl, super CS host #2.
he and his friends are all totally amazing people, and i'm having heaps of fun hanging out with them...wandering around the city, going to parties, celebrating singles' awareness day, drinking chai!

-this weekend, i am going down to byron bay with megan and ben and other CSers!
-next week i meet up with mandie again!
-fly to malaysia on 26 feb. trying to change my ticket so that i arrive in thailand right away, instead of spending a few days in malaysia. [a few days isn't really worth it - it's too short to get out of the city, go diving, connect with people, and too long to not spend money or time!]
-meet john in phuket! we're going diving!! kho phiphi? similans?
-meet anna in bangkok!
-wander around thailand and india with anna for 5 weeks!


on my trip:
-this trip is a whirlwind cocktail of too much planning and too little planning
-too much planning: meeting up with people doesn't allow enough freedom [for instance, i'd like to be able to go work on a dive boat in the great barrier reef for the next couple of months, and take opportunities like that when they present themselves]
-too little planning: i don't know my options, or how to do / get the things i want. i have to spend a lot of time and energy figuring out where to go next, how.
-good solution? leave tickets open and don't book anything ahead of time. BUT know how to do it all, keep a list of all the options [a list of key places i'd like to see, how to get between them, prices, companies, methods, contacts, etc...]
-this last thing is what anna and i are doing when we meet in thailand!
-i keep losing track of what i want to do on this trip.
[hence the list i made] i keep getting caught up in the backpacking world, running blindly along the tourist track with all the other 20-somethings with their bags on their backs. i have to keep reminding myself that i didn't really want to "backpack" on this trip. i wanted to find a base, work a bit, and spend more time in less places. it's so easy to get caught up in the tourist buzz! there are just so many cool things to do and awesome places to see... so now i am limiting myself, and moving a bit slower.
-if i am happy somewhere, i am going to stay there. [like here in brisbane. i was going to move on out to byron bay and other places, but i am really enjoying myself, so i am going to keep enjoying myself here :)]

on backpacking:
-i am now truly aware of the meaning of "home.
" a place where you are comfortable, where you know you can go at the end of the day, where you can leave your toothbrush...someone who loves you, who cares if you come home at night...
-wandering through a city searching for a place to sleep at night SUCKS.
-it's really satisfying knowing that everything i need is in my bag with me!
-i am really enjoying the concept of "backpacker days," kind of like dog years. because of the intensity of traveling and moving around and being alone, every day that you spend traveling with someone feels like a few weeks of normal human years.

on surprises:
-there is a surprising absence of recycling, composting, etc in australia (and new zealand). the countries seem so progressive and environmental from the outside, but there is really very little of all that here!
-i am getting homesick.
shit, do you think they'll catch us?

-i did my budget....eeek.
-i didn't realize how nice it is to have a friendly face around - couchsurfing is something i was unconsciously missing in my trip prior to brisbane.

on music:
-i found out that the music i dig is called "dub." more specifically dub lounge.
-i'm grooving to salmonella dub currently.
-other nifty beats: fat freddy's drop, little bushman

on food:
-i am craving durian.
-i've now eaten meat pies on a few different occasions. yatala makes really yummy ones :)
-learning that i can't be picky while traveling!
-building up my spice tolerance, little by little.
-still trying to figure out what i can and can't eat. one of these days i'll do an elimination diet...
-pb&j is still my backbone.
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