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canaan downs festival - i'm on the big drum in the foreground!!

amazing perfect sunshiney weather. they blew the conch shell to open the festival and the sky started pissing!

among the first in the world to see the sun rise in the new year!

i danced and sang in the new year under the milky way around a fire, moving to the pulse of many drums and heartbeats. as the year changed (presumably, no one had a timepiece), the drumming intensified, people were whooping and yelling and thrashing around....and then it went back to the same primal fire dance it was before. we drummed and danced well past sunrise, and the warmth, tranquility and contentedness of the people around the bonfire felt so fulfilling.

cool things:
-"doof doof" (oo like cook) is techno / psytrance stuff (say it a few times out loud)
-doof doof dancing makes me miss iris a LOT.
tribal zone

-hippie boys who drum are the same sexy all over the world.
-i told beautiful hippie man, happily 'married,' that seeing his energy and smile made me warm and fuzzy. he hugged me.
-dub step is wonderful and amazing.
-there were several different stages to choose from: heavy intense drum and bass, robot electronic techno, random (singer songwriter, metal, rock, performance stuff, beatboxing, etc), jungle / dub, reggae...
-little bushmen is lots of fun to listen and dance to!
-learned some poi moves at the tribal zone.
-tried juggling, to no avail (i've failed you, john).
-poi dancing, and fire dancing, is SO SEXY!

not so cool things:
-i am COVERED with mozzie and sand fly bites.
-the cup doesn't really work when you have no water to clean it, and have dirty hands.

-it is COLD to sleep on the ground! (but i learned to just lay my clothing beneath my sleeping bag, and that helps a lot [i should've learned from the hoboCozy experiment..])

hitchhiking exploits:
-ulrik and i hitchhiked to the festival. we got a ride with a german girl (of course) who was going there the next day.
-we started walking down into the festival from the main road and a red-dreaded woman made us get into her car (she insisted the walk would be too long)
-jumped out at ticket collection, hopped into someone else's car for the rest of the way down to the festival.
-i went out to sell my ticket, and i hitched a ride with a woman leaving.
-got out, tried to hawk the ticket, failed, jumped in another car.
-got out, tried to hawk it again, failed again, stuck my thumb out.

-a car with 3 kiwi kids pulled up and said they didn't need a ticket, but insisted i join them for a few hours at kaiteriteri beach. yes.
-after the awesome beach rendezvous, i rode back to the festival with them (music didn't start until the next day), and got out at the entrance to try to sell my ticket, once again.
-a car pulled over and offered me a ride, but as they pulled over they got their car stuck on a boulder!
-a van drove by during the car maneuvering, bought my ticket.
-we pulled the car free and i rode with them back to the festival.
-this last car was filled with awesome folk - tara, brian and desiree.
(-i saw tara again in marahau at the end of the abel tasman hike!)
-at the end of the festival, ulrik and i made a sign "takaka please," and within SECONDS of turning around and putting our thumbs out, a van opened its door and we hopped in. (more germans - saw them later on the abel tasman hike!)
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canaan downs festival - im on the…
canaan downs festival - i'm on th…
tribal zone
tribal zone
fire poi MMMmmMm sexy
fire poi MMMmmMm sexy
photo by: rrrenata