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The trip!
My blog cherry is now officially popped!
[Yes, this is my first time ever doing / making / writing / whatever you call it, a blog.]

There are 33 days until I leave for New Zealand. There are 84327850247 things to do.
Then there will be 240ish days of exploring, learning, meeting people, diving, farming, riding, teaching, traveling and living!

I don't really have any deadlines for my trip, with a few exceptions:
December 1 - leave my known world for NZ; arrive in Auckland on Dec 3
March 1 - meet Anna in Thailand
July 1 - back to US; Jamie's international competition?
Aug 16 - if not back to US in July: Russian barbershop festival, St. Petersburg?

With that in mind, I'll be back in Berkeley sometime in summer or fall of 2009. I'm excited to see Jamie sing at these awesome events, and I'll either go to one or the other (Anaheim or St Petersburg)....depending on how homesick, or poor, I get before then. If I go to Russia with Jamie, we'll take a few weeks after that and see some of Europe.

Tentative trip:
New Zealand - north and south island (6-8 weeks)
Australia - eastern / northeastern coast, Sydney or Melbourne to Cairns (2-4 weeks)
--?Indonesia - Bali?
--?Cambodia - Angkor Wat?
Thailand - where? (1-2 weeks)
India - Agra, Kerala, Auroville, New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kashmir...? (12+ weeks)


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The trip!
The trip!
photo by: mahoney