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this will be a boring entry to read, but useful for just bear with me :)
i'm sure that india will bring all sorts of new needs forward for me.

things i wish i had:
-camelpak (water backpack) - bought a new one here
-sleeping bag (my liner isn't warm enough some nights, and won't help me when camping)
-tent (camping gear is REALLY expensive here!)
-more quick-drying stuff: underwear and socks, especially
-waterproof boots
-warm, small sweashirt/jackety thing ('performance' stuff, like REI gear)
-musical instrument (rhythm egg? [i could make one with a mint drops box], percussion? flute?)
-cool toy (to contribute to FUN with! poi, juggling balls, etc)

things i bought here:
-quick-dry pants
-sleeping bag
-1 tupperware container (bring leftovers to next host, plate for camping) - i have since ditched this
-olive oil (and other food...but really, what's eating without olive oil?)
-'dressy' shirt that doesn't wrinkle and dries super fast...and makes me feel cool :)
-jandals (flip flops)
-sunglasses (3 pairs already!! they keep wandering off)
-sun hat

things i am really really happy i have:
-headlamp (now on #2 of the headlamps)
-cell phone, WITH flashlight
-rain jacket
-quick-drying odor-defying wrinkle-free black shirts
-nice jacket
-sarong (i use it for everything! a skirt, a dress, a shirt, a blanket, a towel, a backpack cover, a sleeping pad, a bag...)
-sharpies and pens
-waterproof shockproof crushproof camera (if it wasn't all those things, it would be lying in a ditch in a million pieces, several times over)

things i wish i didn't bring:
-big sweatshirt (takes up a lot of room, gathers odors)
-cotton button-down shirt (too wrinkly)
-cotton anything (it's all stretching out, there's no dryer to shrink anything, it is all losing is shape)
-big fancy camera (too much of a liability - always worried about it...i gave it to jamie to take home)
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