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there are so many things that make us say "Oh India..."

- many politicians are knowns murderers and rapists
- buses and trains pull away while people jump on and off
- random dogs follow you whenever you walk somewhere
- slime on the tea
- flies...
- bugs and hair in your food
- sporadic - and planned - power outages throughout the day
- cars rub up against you to move you aside on the road
- water and electricity are only available at certain times of day
- restaurants have about 50% of what's on the menu
- the abundance of bad italian food
- maps don't exist [hand-drawn hiking maps!]
- different shapes, sizes and colors of currency [the same note]
- "take away" food is soup in a plastic bag
- men walking away from corners, zipping up their pants.
- little boy peeing on the kitchen floor
- a family of 10 packed into an auto-rickshaw
- a man tapping the big overhead phone line with a giant 'antique' phone [wrapping the wires together, with one of those bakelite handsets that are as big as your arm]
- on directions: "just follow the road" really means "make a sharp left, go through pastures and a backyard, scale a wall, then climb over a house."
- mean wearing tight, sparkly blue sweaters
- taxi drivers bringing their friends (brothers?) along for the ride
- burning garbage, with cows, monkeys, dogs and donkeys eating from it
- the shop owner is lazily doing 134890384 things at once...and expects you to interrupt
- the safety and comfort of the tourists comes before the locals
- monkeys sneak around, trying to steal...anything!
rrrenata says:
definitely NOT a vacation! but each and every one of those things is awesome in it's own way :)
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
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McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes