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the view from the farm
i'm sitting underneath the stars in the southern hemisphere...and orion is still keeping me company overhead (:

where i am:
kaeo, NZ...way up north (in northland)
a little farm, with horses and dogs and billions of birds.
...with a gorgeous view of the mountains and valleys beyond!
south of the equator.
near antarctica.
between the pacific ocean and the tasman sea.
...sitting at a computer.

where i have been:
paihia (for 40 minutes).
cooper's beach.

who i am with:
cornelia and torsten, and their awesome niece charlie.
their friends dorla and juergen.
the dogs gypsy and skip.
the horses blue the white horse, and merlin the chestnut.
lots and lots of germans.
not enough kiwis.
no maoris. ):

what i am doing:
waking up to many different, beautiful bird songs.
another view from the house. 5 minutes before this, it was sunshiney and blue.

riding horses.
shoveling horse poop.
cooking and cleaning.
baking bread.
putting up an electric fence.
a little bit of gardening.
riding bare back!
learning natural horsemanship.
qi gong at cooper's beach.
learning german.
typing on a german keyboard...and getting better at it.
taking cold showers.
errr, scratch that - not really taking showers.
jazz concert (lounge suite) at a big fancy hollywood house.
drinking wine. (yalumba shiraz viognier - mmmmmm!)
walk around rainbow falls with charlie.
awesome paddleboard ride near the stone store.
swam in the pacific ocean, which is warm down here.

interesting bits and pieces:
kia ora, pronounced kee-orr-uh, is a maori phrase and a general greeting.
blue in the bush (my first bareback horse!)

northland is REALLY HOT in the summer.
...and then it rains a LOT, then gets sunny again. then cold again. then hot.
orion and his wonderfully recognizable belt are still in the sky above me.
the sun sets around 9:30 or 10pm.
they drive on the wrong side of the road.
the bus from auckland to kaeo stopped in waipu for a "tea break."
i am totally digging this natural horsemanship stuff.
paddleboarding is like canoeing, except you stand up on a thick, wide surfboard.
a "dairy" means the market or cornerstore.
the north island is little england, the south island is little scotland. kinda.
route 1 from auckland to kaeo looks like route 1 in northern california.
kiwis are the people, and they are also the flightless bird.
kiwifruit is the thing you eat.
i haven't seen as many sheep as i was expecting.
prices for most food seem the same (except seasonal stuff, like fruit and meat).
"wie geht es dir" means "how are you" in german.
i've met lots of germans and americans, and i haven't been to any touristy places.
kiwis are so wonderfully laid back!

one thing i've learned so far is:
i didn't think that i came here with expectations, but i am learning that i definitely did. i am now trying to shed these expectations so that i can experience everything for what it is. and enjoy it all!!!
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the view from the farm
the view from the farm
another view from the house. 5 min…
another view from the house. 5 mi…
blue in the bush (my first barebac…
blue in the bush (my first bareba…
me and charlie at rainbow falls
me and charlie at rainbow falls
coopers beach
cooper's beach
the dump - visit #2, believe it or…
the dump - visit #2, believe it o…
photo by: rrrenata