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warning: this is offensive. but funny.

up 6784524985 steps to Bhagsu road, through the stinky pee corner, past the sweaty, grunting tibetan body builders. the cross-eyed lover says hello, and then his dopey friend sheepishly nods. the man at the crappy internet place will try to talk expensive trekking from his stoop.

to the right, handshaking gumby tilts his head and sticks his hand out, asking when we'll drink chai. the guys across from all the closed shops will inevitably shout about the weather, near the line of creepy hoodlums sitting on the stairs. the greasy cute guy waves.

if we continue up the road to bhagsu, the hindu tourists will oggle us - the men staring, the women glaring, orange yogi-jesus man tells us that we can have cheap yoga and massage with him, and orange beggar-jesus man will follow us the rest of the way. on good days, the happy thangka man offers us chai and asks us to come in to his gallery.

up our steps to the left takes us past the cash exchange guy, and then through the beggar ladies with babies who want "no money, milk." somewhere we'll bump into the guy that i like, probably near the inexplicably attractive tiggers at the bakery, blasting their american hiphop. the robust moustached sikh man and his awkward young helper will add up, then subtract, our bill at the overpriced supermarket, with big smiles on their sweet faces.

around the corner takes us through more beggar ladies; up on tipa road we'll pass pretty beggar lady, sitting with fingerless old beggar lady, right before the seated beggar man saying "namaste." at khana nirvana we can be sure that we'll get to watch the 70's disco dancer and tex. trendy hotspot mcllo's ensures us contact with fuckface and mr pretentious, and further down jogibara road we'll hear the crazy man in the box chittering to himself. the 12 year old boy shopkeeper across the street keeps his brother company, before luring tourists down winding alleys to his little shop. the nice guys at synergy internet always offer a massage. we will end up talking to the vodafone guy upstairs to fix my !dea sim card every few days.

around town, we might see wholesome volunteer girl from maine, and we'll see red among the masses. we might see the legged-legless man rolling down temple road on his dolly. the sick man from the hospital jerkily nods his head in greeting as he races by. we will awkwardly pass the british family with the kid who fell down the stairs, both parties taking slightly too long to remember each other. sheru will zoom past us on his bike, stop, then go again. the transparent hipster will skulk past us at moon peak, where the smoking tigger waiters grab each other's cigarettes from their mouths before bringing our food to the table.

at the end of the day, the wandering carpet salesman under our balcony will stare at us. we come home to a movie with the yogi crew...and shhh! or the crazy nun will freak out.

Also co-starring...

- the fluffy brown dog across the street that anna always accuses
- all the other dogs that anna accuses
- charlie the old black cow
- the black and white giant guardian bull on temple road
- the tiny black cow down the hill
- balthazar, our noble canine friend
- the many lady bugs
...and the basilisk outside.
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McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes