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I often sit quietly and admire the cool warming invisible wave of calmness that seems to exude from my Balinese neighbour as she kneels carefully before the small temple erected in the corner of my garden. To some it may seem like an invasion of privacy but i embrace the fact that the surrounding Balinese family all seem to have a key to my house and regulary come and make offerigs to the temple and garden whenever they feel necessary. For long time i never really understood exackly what was going on.
Canang sari can be found everywhere around the island,from the temples large and small, to intersections and walkways people pass through,to every front gate and front door and event on computer case or on motor bike nor car. It is a small basket made carefully from young coconut leaves and other things such a sliced sugar caned,candy,cake or rice and nut.The offerings is a geasture from Bali people to express their gratitude or God's blessings.

Balinese Hindu followers render the offering everyday and modest balinese house hold,not to mention business establishment in Bali, need about 20-50 canangsari everyday at price range Rp.5000-Rp.10.000 ( US$0,55-US$1.10) per day. It could be rough calculation that an estimated 3-4 million offerings are rendered everyday in bali!! Quite an amazing amount of leaves and flowers!many balinese woman,especialy in rural area still practise the art of making the offerings for their own purpose as part of their house hold management. Yet their counterparts in the town,especialy the woking woman,it has become more practical and time efficient to buy ready made offering.Actually behind the gesture of daily offering for the deity's feast there is a message for the Balinese Hindu.Recently a village leader pointed out to me the need to protect the enviroment is a concern,as the source of the ingredients will not last forever without pruning,cultivating and preserving the enviromnet.Balinese people learn that the ingredients of the canang sari need to be protected so thet they will be able to continue and pass the gratitude to God expression down through the generations.

Indeed,the canang sari business needs a lot of flowers,young coconut leaves,pandan leaves and other items and also holy water. How ever the canang sari is the magnifestation of bali people's concern and love towards the nature. The correlation of trees,water,land and offcourse human both physical and spiritual should be in balance.As my village friend explained the concept of preserving the environment will ensure the continuation of the art of canangsari makingfor their childrens
Sonya says:
Yipppee....I'm lucky that I can make canang already...nice people in Bali taught me on my bday cos we prayed for my bday to Pure Lempuyangan and on their house too in the morning before going to Pure.
Posted on: Nov 05, 2008
ratu says:
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
ary_tyas says:
ha slow internet conection here for upload photos :-) tomorrow in the cargo office i can put some photos :-) he he
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
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