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10.18.08 | This year, I decided to spend my bday outside Metro Manila with my family. I was itching to travel somewhere this year since I spent my last birthday in Bohol with my College barkada and it so rocked! This year though I want to do something different.. go somewhere I've never set foot on.. Then it hit me.. why not Coron? I was talking to Andi a month before my birthday regarding a plan to go to Coron but had to skip on that plan for Singapore with my sister. Thank God for Cebu Pacific and their very afforadable airfare which made my plan for a birthday getaway to Coron possible.

Anyway, just a backgrounder - never in the history of time did we have a family vacation where it did not rain (not just any kind of rain, but heavy rains at that) or where my dad and I not get into each other's nerves. But lo and behold, this must be my year - our vacation in Coron was AWESOME!

Day 1: We stayed in Coron Village Lodge. As soon as the shuttle dropped us off, we only had time to change and off we went to the first activity for the day - Lunch at the beach! Orignally, my parents wanted to have a quiet vacation for just our family but instead what we got was so much more. We got to tour Coron along with very quirky and fun people! This is so much different from what we're used to - definitely a good change.

We got to eat by the beach, snorkle in Siete Pecados (didnt enjoy this much since we jumped off right into a HUGE jelly fish), climb up a mountain to Kayangan lake (man, I need to exercise!), marvel the Barracuda Lake (marvel lang cuz I didnt get to climb this. Marielle was the only one who went up here = absolutely regretting it), swim lazily in the twin lagoon and capped it off by lounging around the hot springs.

Day 2: We got to snorkle two ship wrecks (absolutely amazing)! Lazy around the beach again where the coral reefs were very near the shore (take note: live coral reefs!) and got to see a lot of pearl farms (not entirely sure if thats how you call them).

All in all Coron rocked! Bohol is still close to my heart but the coral reefs here can definitely rival the ones in Balicasag. Our accomodations was alright but their service made it feel like your staying at a 5 star hotel - for short, their service was just impeccable! We also got to meet some very interesting people in this trip - a very funny father and son tandem, a director, two very hot dutch brothers who have been travelling for 6 months in Asia, quirky ladies and there's us - the somehow quiet family who seem to be photodocumenting the whole vacation. These people made our trip absolutely memorable! They didnt know this, but they gave me an Awesome birthday!!! :) I got to bond with my sisters over camewhoring, poker, pusoy dos and tong-its.Got to food binge as well - even though they served TINOLA (*cringe cringe*) for my birthday dinner. Hahaha..
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photo by: TravellinChic