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Mr Mark and Will heading down the smaller of the two zip wires.
Sawatdee Khrab (hello) from Thailand!

I got here on Thursday and the heat hit me as I got off the plane. It was 30 degrees and 89% humidity, which means it's very sticky and horrible in the heat. My cousin Nicky met me at the airport and we headed to her house. Her kids, Bluebell and Will, were at swimming lessons in their apartment building so I popped along there to say hello and then we went out to eat.

Yesterday we got up very early as we were all going to a school camp about 2 hours north of Bangkok. Nicky and her partner Edward are teachers at the Harrow International School out here so they do little trips away sometimes, just like we do in the UK. The activities for the day were paintballing, bike riding, rafting and the zip wire! Yay! The zip wire wasn't quite a high as the one we did in Yorkshire and there was a tower with proper steps in it to make it easy to get to the top.
This was our lunch stop just before the big storm came in. You can see the horrible clouds up above.
Most of the kids were about 14 years old, but Bluebell is only 4 and Will is 3. They were less scared than the big kids and so I had a go in tandem with both of them and they loved it, as did I. We did it over water so your feet went in at the end and got wet. While we were there a huge storm came over and there was lots of lightning. We were sitting on the grass when Bluebell's hair stood on end, which is a sign that the static electricity is building up and the lightning strike is going to be close, so we legged it for cover as fast as we could. We went for an evening swim when we got home and that was lovely and refreshing. I love countries where the water is still warm when it's dark.

This morning was lovely and sunny when I went to watch Bluebell play football.
It was 31 degrees at 8am. Phew! Now I'm sitting here writing this just as a storm is kicking in above. They usually get one big storm each day here in Bangkok at this time of year and then the sun comes out again. We've had 2 power cuts already in the last 10 minutes so good job I'm using a laptop or I'd have lost my journal which wouldn't have made me very happy. In April they celebrate Songkran which is the Thai New Year and they celebrate by throwing water at each other. Some people roam the streets with containers of water or water guns or the garden hose and drench each other or just people walking by. As well as throwing water they also visit a 'wat' (Buddhist monastery) to pray,

Tony hasn't been very energetic over the last few days. I think he stayed up too late watching films and playing Backgammon.
Hopefully he'll come elephant spotting with me tomorrow. I want to see how many I see walking along the streets when I'm out and about. I'll let you know how many I get up to when I leave next week.

Ah ha, it's Manchester United vs Arsenal tonight so am going to find somewhere to watch that. It's strange watching premier league matches at 10pm at night, or sometimes later if it's an evening kick off. My prediction for today is a 2-0 win for United. Come on Man U!

Mr Mark & Mr Tony

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Mr Mark and Will heading down the …
Mr Mark and Will heading down the…
This was our lunch stop just befor…
This was our lunch stop just befo…
The teachers paintballing team ju…
The teacher's paintballing team j…
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