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Karaoke Mr Mark!
This morning we got up very early to catch the famous fish market at Tsukiji which is the biggest fish market in the world. They sell 2,200 tons of fish and take in 15 million pounds every day of the week, except Sundays! To make sure that everyone who buys the fish gets it in time for their businesses to open, they have lots of men speeding around on mini fork lift trucks taking the fish to cars and trucks parked nearby. They are crazy drivers and you have to be very careful not to get run over if you're walking around as they come from every direction. I saw a huge crab which was about half a metre wide!

After the fish market we took a walk up to the Imperial Palace where the emperor lives. The grounds are surrounded by a huge moat and there are guards all over the place to stop people getting in.
Karaoke Tony!
The had one wing open so we went in there and had a look around. There were people practising martial arts with sticks, just like in the film Kung Fu Panda. Strangely enough these were people and not animals, but they were pretty good at it.

At lunchtime we went down to a town south of Tokyo called Kamakura. In the 12th century it was the capital of Japan and so has many many shrinples. It also has the beach where you can see the sun rising over the sea in the morning. I think that's why they call this country 'the land of the rising sun'. I think I've seen enough shrimples now though and am ready to move on to Thailand.

Before I did though I thought I'd better try out karaoke over here. Karaoke 'カラオケ' started in Japan and comes from the words 'kara' which means 'empty' and 'ōkesutora' which means 'orchestra'.
This is Tony demonstrating how he uses chopsticks. He's not particularly brilliant with them as he hasn't got any fingers so it makes it hard, but I'm sure he'll improve with practice.
As some of you will have seen from Yorkshire, I love singing, so wasn't going to miss the opportunity! They have little rooms big enough for about 6 people and you have 2 microphones and a huge list of songs you can sing. You pay for half an hour slots and you keep going until you want to stop - or until you lose your voice! They have a couple of places in London that are the same so I think I'll be popping in there when I get back. We had great fun tonight, but it's very very late now and I have to get up at 5.15am for my flight to Bangkok and I haven't even started packing. Best got to bed then.

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Karaoke Mr Mark!
Karaoke Mr Mark!
Karaoke Tony!
Karaoke Tony!
This is Tony demonstrating how he …
This is Tony demonstrating how he…
photo by: maka77