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(Alex) 6th DEC we woke up the next day and I had to go to the hairdresser and get my hair sorted as it was real patchy and looked terrible. The women in the hair dressers were all laughing when I took my cap off.

We caught a local bus up to a beach that was an hour up the coast. The bus driver was really helpful and he stopped for us just before the beach where there was a waterfall that we had heard about. It was really beautiful! we went swimming in the natural pool and there was a place that you could slide down on your bum. We also clambered behind one of the falls and you could see it from the inside.

After we had chilled out for a while and explored the different areas of the waterfall we took a walk to the beach. This involved trecking along the highway in the hard shoulder in the burning sun for ages. We saw loads of dead animals along the way, including a cat that was being eaten by a bird. We started to wonder if we were even going in the right direction.

We finally made it to the beach and it was really nice. We sat at a bar and drank a few beers and cocktails. We met a local guy on the way back and he helped us find the bus stop.

7th December - We woke up in the morning and spent ages trying to decide what to do. Should we stay another day in ubatuba? If we leave, should we go south or North? This doesnt sound like a big decision, but actually it would probably determine the direction of our entire loop around South America. We always planned to go south, but we had heard about the flooding and were not sure if it would even be possible to travel to Argentina overland. We were totally unable to make a decision so we just decided to stay another day... this turned out to be the best choice ever.

We were sitting on the beach and we starting chatting to a Brazilian women who spoke quite good english. This was great as we had only really chatted to people who were working and had not yet met any westerners at all! She was really nice and gave nat a gold bracelet with charms on. She was on holiday and lived in a town that was a couple of hours away. We were introduced to her family and friends and a couple of them lived near by. They invited us back to theirs for a BBQ. We had a good vibe from them and decided it would be ok. There was another girl there who spoke good english, but the others spoke virtually none.

We went back to their place and had an amazing meal and a few drinks. There was beautiful steak and sausages cooked on the BBQ and loads of it. When we left it really felt like we had made some good friends. They all hugged and kissed us goodbye and we exchanged some details with them. We now have an offer of a place to stay if we head to where the first women came from.

For me this was the best day so far :-)

fxb says:
Just looked at your photos of the Glazier. Beautiful. You are really lucky to see one before they all disappear! Love Dadx
Posted on: Feb 01, 2009
fxb says:
Nice to hear details of your journey so far. Congratulations to Nat! Stay safe. Lotsa love, Dadxx
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
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