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We arrived in Rio on the 15th of December after taking a boat and a minibus from Isla Grande with our new found Canadian Friend Marlo. The bus dropped her off at her apartment and we were dropped of at Che Legato Hostel in Copacobana. Unfortunately there was two and we were at the wrong one.

Luckily the manager from the correct hostel happened to be there and she walked us over there. We got there and then they told us that somehow they had double booked our room and that there was no double available. Eventually they decided that they would put us in a dorm and close it off so that we had it to ourselves. Nat persuaded them to give us a discount as there was no fan and no aircon like there was supposed to be in the private room.

We took a walk down to the beach at Copocabana and it was amazing. Much bigger than we could have imagined. The area around our hostel and leading down to the beach looked a bit rough and we realised that we needed to be a bit careful.

16th Dec - The weather was still pretty rubbish with clouds and occasional rain, but we decided to bite the bullet and head down to ipanema beach. It was quite a walk, but was totally worth it when we arrived to see a much nicer beach and a much nicer looking area. We took a look at some hostels around there and considered moving there and staying for christmas.

17th We decided that this would be our last day in Rio as the weather was not getting any better and we were not really feeling like we would want to be there for Xmas. We went on a local bus to find the famous Giant christ or "Jumbo Jesus" as he later became known. It was a bit of a mission to get there and the train up the mountain cost 30 pounds each, which was a lot by local standards. When the train started though we knew it was worth it. A Samba band jumped on the train and was busking on the way up which was a lot of fun.

When we got the the top it was amazing. We were hundreds of feet above Rio and could see most of the city through the clouds. The statue itself was really huge and was pretty awe inspiring. The rain even stopped and the sun came out the minute we got there and until we left (Devine intervention??!?)

After this we went back down and then took a bus, a metro and an old fashioned tram to santa terasa, which is the old town. We had a scary moment looking for the tram station when we walked under a bridge that stank of urine and was full of tramps and homeboys. We just kept walking and eventually found the tram stop. The ride was great fun and we enjoyed a walk around the old town and a beer.

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