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your stereotypical english dude, Bondy
For the two of you who’s wondering or let’s say “cares” if I have been sort of kinda dead or not, well here I am my darlings, I’m not dead or worse, got married! I’m alive and now you can go back and sort your life out... hang on, I still got some very important useless things to share.

It’s no secret at this point, not that it has actually ever been, that I now live in Chesterfield (in England, you know... up here! United Kingdom of Prince William? Right.).  Yeah, I know, WHY?! OK, let’s just say I like exotic and hardly known/visited/cared places very much. Is my reason good enough? Yeah? Really?! Good. Because I can’t make up any other! (For some reason) I believe I have a very important mission for this town, and what the hell is that, erm I believe (for some reason again) that it is to make it the most famous place on earth.
a close-up photo of a seemingly english dude, Wayne
. No, make that in the whole universe (including black holes, Neverland, etc..)! Yeah, of course not possible but I have the right to believe in impossible things so just let me, will yah? You’ll never know dear, just never know. No, seriously, never!

It hasn’t been that very long ago since I got here but nothing educational yet I can share with you. Wait, erm, unless you might want to know about that psychotic coach driver who I thought would kidnap me as I was desperately trying to get away from London.  It was all quite frustrating and tiring having not much sleep from a very long flight and carrying around a total of 35 kilograms of luggage around the airport and in to and all over the underground stations and then to the coach station and to some random English town, in some random part of England, but not exactly where I planned to go to but it was near to Chesterfield anyway! All I just wanted to do during those hard times was to be with the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armour, my soul mate! I wanted to go to him and be comforted, but my transport nightmares lead me to Wayne and Bondy instead.
me, having a breakfast in Seoul (s. korea) and this photo has certainly nothing to do with this blog
  Wayne and Bondy!

Yes dear, you have read it damn right. Wayne and Bondy, those two seemingly ordinary English men, are the lucky people whom I will both be sharing my life with for the next six months! Whether they like it or not, they will be mentioned and seen on this blog loads, no secrets to hide, that is if anyone can be bothered to care (anyone??!)! So sorry Wayne and Bondy, I know I don’t have to do this but I need some entertainment and something to write about but just while I’m living in Chesterfield for only the next few months! Unless, of course,I decide to live here forever or I get killed OR I decide to live here and get killed by stabbing myself for deciding to live here forever! Nah, Chesterfield shouldn’t be so bad. Just read on, we’ll see.

Nah, I don’t mean we’ll see on this entry! We have to see and wait for a few more months and then you can judge and mock Chesterfield for all it’s got to offer.
dont judge the house by its kitchen (you should see the living room!)
  Come on, this town has got so much to offer, and now there’s....... tah-dah, me! Oh yes yes. ;)

Erm, due to my previous blog in which I have probably mentioned alcohol more than anything that has to do with travelling, readers have started believing that I’m an alcoholic which I am not! But might as well have some Absinthe on my first night in Chezzie and sod what people think of me.  A few Strongbows and a quite forgettable conversation with Bondy after, I have walked into a closet as I was trying to get into bed. OK maybe this blog would even make me look worse than an alcoholic Whitney Houston, but what the hell!


Ladies, gentlemen, Wayne and Bondy,  I now begin this life in Chezzie!





(Chesterfield? What was I thinking?!)

miss_eel says:
HAHAHAH ur seriously funny!! love this!!♥
Posted on: Jan 25, 2011
derekbilldaly says:
Haha I think I might start with a soon to be forgotten weekend sometime, dont think it would work having me & the boys living together, our livers would just up and run ;op
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
Bondy2007 says:
erm i was sat in the lounge and heard it and laughed!

What hard work! All the meet ups, arranging meet ups, letting people stay here (for now!!!) :p
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
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your stereotypical english dude, B…
your stereotypical english dude, …
a close-up photo of a seemingly en…
a close-up photo of a seemingly e…
me, having a breakfast in Seoul (s…
me, having a breakfast in Seoul (…
dont judge the house by its kitche…
dont judge the house by its kitch…
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our recreational activity
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