i will put you all to jail episode and i was chosen as a leader! argh i said no of course! haha

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the first batch of passengers!
the alarm clock went on! it was exactly 4 am, i was a zombie with only 3 hours of sleep. we took out our backpacks and headed downstairs. we were the first one in our group that checked in at the hotel. our breakfast was served, but since its too early in the morning for me, i cant really eat, and the smell of fried oil makes me vomit. but i wanted some food in my stomach, when i took a bite of that corned beef, i put it back again! arrghh it doesnt taste good, the onions are still chewy and hard, its not yet cooked. so i just drank the coffe, while ben wasnt picky he ate all. ahahaha.

then one by one, the stranded passengers in our group came down, including the guy ben said that he had the flatest nose ever! ahahah if i wasnt so sleepy, i would have kicked ben because it remained in my head! ahahaha.

at 5 am, the service from the airport came, we went in, as i sat down, i automatically fell asleep, i didnt knew what happened, then ben tapped me and said were at the airport already.

so we went in and oh my god.... there were probably less than 500 people there from last nights 2 flights cancelled!!! i remember faces. we fell in line at the check in, and when it was our turn, the guy said, the flight at early morning at 7 am was already full, so we have to take the 9 am flight! arrrghhhhh ok fine! i cant complain!

so we went to the security check in, and if the guy whos sitting at the airport tax would charge us agan of airport taxes i would really scream! i dont have enough sleep so im an alligator snapping turtle. but apprently when i showed him my cancelled tickets he just waved us away ahahaha.
our plane!

so inside, we have to wait for god damn 3 hours, the cafes arent opened yet, soi went to the smoking area, thanks god it was opened.

i was smoking inside and saw the people lined up at the boarding gate for the first flight. lots of staff from cebu pacific airways are walking back and forth with walkie talkies.  ben was somewhere stuck in the corner reading, while i had my green tea and sandwhich, because i can eat now.

then suddenly, i can hear people shouting at the boarding gate!!!! but a voice of a really really really huge woman was booming over! i can see her through the glass wall, then all the people in the smoking area including the waitresses went out and see what's going on! ahahahah

of course, knowing me, its more gossip than being curious so  i went out of course! and i just couldnt believe what happened! apparently, their flight WAS DELAYED AGAIN because of engine trouble of the aicraft!

i realy went near to them and pried! ahahaha ahaha the huge woman was discussing something to the staff of cebu pacific while her husband yanked her to sit and be calm but she didnt, with her complains, the staff of cebu pacific just laugh, and that was the last straw, she really exploded like a volcano! ahahahaha she really burst her body in the airport! aahahah, and i really cant take it anymore, as she said, IF YOU DONT LET US IN ON THAT AIRPLANE AT THIS MOMENT,  I WILL PUT YOU ALL TO JAIL! ahahahahahahaha then suddenly, it was like a huge protest! all the people in that flight united! they wanted to get inside the plane eventhough it was warned that it had technical problems! so the cebu pacific staff opened the boarding gate and let the people in!

my heart thudd for a bit, because these people are hard headed, if the plane had technical problems, god knows what would happen in the air! ben and me, (i found him in the sea of people ahaha) discussed about it. after an hour boarding the first batch of passengers, the plane still didnt moved. they didnt listened that it had technical difficulties. then a woman sat beside us and chatted, she was really scared if something happened to the passengers in midair! i forgot for a while of being sad because of my broken camera. after an hour and 30 minutes, the plane with the first batch of passengers departed.

so now, the 2nd batch of passengers, including us and the woman who talked to us are filling up at our boarding gate, it was half past 8, then suddenly, our boarding gate chate TO THE OTHER DIRECTION WHICH WAS REALLY FAR! thrn all of us where tlaking at once! so i went there with ben, good thing theres also a smoking area at the other end. while i smoked, it was already 9 am, and there was no announcement of boarding, then suddenly it said its delayed then we have to go back again at the first boarding where it was announced?! whattafuck?!

so i went out of the security and went down to the check in where people complained! oh my god they were so disorgnaized and they said that our flight will be delayed or maybe cancelled?!!! MAYBE CANCELLED WASNT THE ANSWER I WAS LOOKING FOR. so i used my business and german voice, firm and looking straight in the eye of what would our fate will be (ahahahahaha) the guy couldnt take it and he answered my wihtouth looking in my eye that they will find mechanics to check our plane which also has technical problems! WHATTAFUCK?!!!! now all the people are talking again at once! so i went up together with ben to other passengers waiting for news, so i told them what happened, then they all talked at the same time, like doing what the first batch did, unite and protest, but they need a leader! AND THEY FUCKING UNANIMOUSLY CHOSE ME AS THEIR LEADER?!!! hahaha whattafuck?! are you kidding me?! i said no of course! ahahahahaahaha. i just told them to wait, and it would be dangerous to go inside a plane which has technical problems.

but they were really stupid and insistng, and i pressed to them that in 1998, cebu pacific had an airplane disaster, of course, they would want that to happen again. so it calmed some of the women down.

then the woman with a walking talke passed by us and i really asked for informations, she said that our plane will be departing soon, they are just waiting for hte pilot. i had to roll my eyes for that excuse.

now its time for chitty chat chat chat! ahaahaha for entertaiment, one woman who had 2 children was also in our flight and its her first tme to ride an airplane all her life and this happened to her, the woman who i was talking to and said i should be their leader was really agitated as her husband was waiting for her, and a young lady, which was not on our flight but on the next one, said that her flight was going to be cancelled and she came from the very south of iloilo about 2-5 hours away from the airport! oh my god! what a chaos!

after smoking 2 packs of cigarettes, finally our boarding was announced, in a flash of lightning me and ben were the first ones to board! inside the plane, we couldnt believe it, that the dutch guy from last was also on our flight, i didnt saw him in the airport and he was still complaining that the philippines ia a bad country! ahahahahahaahahah

so after all the passengers were boarded! we took our flight! hoping we dont explode in midair! ahahahahahaha

what a fucking experience that was! good thing we dont have any connecting flights or we were in sort of schedule if, i would really really really fuck cebu pacific AND PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL! aahahahahahahah


lauro says:
oo! kakaiba talaga! ang saya saya!!!! ^_^
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
lauro says:
yeah.. been thinking coz i dont need a visa to israel, and if i visit ben in the uk, its so hard to apply for a visa! even if i have a residency permit in germany already!

fucking pain in the ass!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
meelg says:
you know I'm game!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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the first batch of passengers!
the first batch of passengers!
our plane!
our plane!
Santa Barbara
photo by: lauro