a very interesting train ride! blah blah blah and i got a plastic money! what?! lol

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as the romanian guy woke me up from my sleep, of course i couldnt sleep anymore! as i was conscious that i am now in slovakia and in any moment in bratislava.

i am used to travelling short distance trains inside germany, the so called sbahn, that connects city boroughs to city boroughs in the state, the the regional bahn which connects cities to cities from state to state. i only used one long distance train from dĂĽsseldorf, germany to copenhagen in denmark, the city night line express which was really painful in the back! lol hahah then if i am traveling long distances inside germany i hithchike and carpool. so normally i dont get to chat with foreigners or travelers inside the train. and if i travel really long distances from country to country in europe, i usually fly.

but this ride was very interesting one. one of the unusual situations that i would encounter in this trip.

after i thought i was in bratislava already hahaha, the romanian guy was tossing and turning in his seat, he wanted to sleep but he cant, as there were no curtains, he was contorting and squirming himself on his seat and doenst know which position to take! i finally talked to him, how much hours would it take from buchuresti to prague? and it takes 2 whole days he said! wow, thats too much i told him, and i said to him why didnt he booked a flight? unfortunately there arent any flights from buchuresti to prague, that was strange i thought.

then it was the beginning of our conversation in the train cabin. funny, usually i am a quiet person, i smile but thats it, and i went with my life. but i dont know, this year is very different for me, i am not anymore the tightlipped person who you may come across while sitting in a train, i am a much more open person, 2008 really really changed my outlook in life.

and it got even more interesting as finally we solved from which country the 20+++ asians are! from: MONGOLIA, we were laughing as one guy really are in his boxer shorts and also contorting and squirming in the seats that are not sleeper cabins (we can see the reflection by the way) and one guy moving back and forth with his things because the other cabin kept throwing him out! hahahahahaha.

back to the romanian guy, i asked where he lives and he lives near buchuresti and i told him one of my future plans to go to transylvania in romania. he suddenly fished out his mobile phone and showed me beautiful pictures of of the town of bran and dracula's castle! i got so excited! and he asked me if i have philippine money with me, and i said none, because i dont live in the philippines anymore. he asked because he is collecting different currencies from all over the world!  then suddenly he took out his wallet and gave me one lev, the romanian currency! for remembrance! i was so touched and apologized that i dont have any philippine money to give him! but he said it was ok!

time really flies if youre having a good time, suddenly we are now approaching bratislava, the long distance seemed really short! i said good luck to his job at EYPHEL (apple) hahha computers! and said goodbye and thanked him for his remembrance which to be honest.. i am going to lose one of these days! hahahaha

lauro says:
yes i am shy ^_^ i mean this is the internet after all hehehe
Posted on: May 03, 2009
vodkaphix says:
You, SHY??? You will talk to anybody!!! hehehehehe.
Posted on: May 03, 2009
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Nove Zamky
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