a typhoon is coming but we landed safe and ben, you were amazing but you were called pen.

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our 1 day stranded and delayed episode has finally come to an end, as we arrived in manila at about 1 pm.in the news it said that a tropical storm is coming, my god, we flew over it or something, i didnt know, i was kind of sleeping. 

at the arrival area, we waited for our backpacks, it took some time to get them all out! i told ben i am so tired and i needed to sleep and relax and if its ok to take a taxi back home straightly. he said its fine for him. when we got our packs, and headed out, it was raining heavily outside. and the taxi line was soooooooooooo looong oh my god and im sure they will charge thrice the price for us! then suddenly i saw airport taxi! i said to ben at least its honest and where not gonna be rippped off!

so we went there and asked how much to our point, it was only 400 pesos about 7 euros! so we booked one, there were about 5 people there and one asked where do we came from and i told them iloilo, she was a bit dissapointed, she thought we came from abroad so she can ask things for us, money, presents etc. but tough luck for her, we are poor travelers. ahahahah.

so we got in the taxi nd all of the people waiting for the public taxi looked at us, of course we have brilliant ideas! ahahaha, but not long after i fell asleep.

then ben shaked me because the driver was telling something in tagalog. it was already our stop! oopps i guess i slept that long, but i told the driver in a dizzy state that if he can drive us like 20 meters more! and so he did! he was waiting for a tip but i  didnt gave him. ahahahaha. sorry, we are poor!

it was raining when we got off the taxi, i pretty much gave up being embarassed to ben about the weather situation, i accepted the fact that its the monsoon season even if its only the beginning of may.

when we got home, we put our bags in our room and decided to shop for food as we dont have anything more in the fridge. but i have to go to the camera repair shop to get my camera fixed!

at the camera repair shop, they could do nothing about my camera, because they said that the lcd was damaged badly. so what to do?! hmmm then ben said we could go to the big mall in las piƱas, maybe theres a more modern camera shop that could repair my camera, because i dont have any money to buy a new one.

so we took a bus going there, it was weird because the sun was shining after the rain and really humid! on the way ben said to me, that he will want to buy a new camera and he will sell his old pentax camera to me for only 1000 pesos, about 15 euros! i told him no way! but he kept on insisting because his camera will break down anyway and having lots of technical problems, actually it wasnt old it was only bought last year during our trip to spain and portugal. so i said to him, that if my camera isnt fix, i will take his offer, but i only said that to keep his mouth shut. ahahahahaha.

inside the mall i asked at the reception if they had a camera repair shop, and she directed me in the middle of the mall. when we went there! my eyes really lit up!!! because it was a fuji camera center! and my camera is fuji! yay!

but as i asked the guy about things, he said my camera CAN BE repaired but it will take its time because they will bring it to fuji center and it will almost cost a new one, before i can even say word, ben was practically pushing me to buy his camera.

so we left the camera sotre and i want to think about it and ben wanted to look at camera stores, but nothing really interested him. i told him, that fuji is the best digital camera, specially for makro pictures.

so we went back to fuji store, then ben wanted to buy the wide lens camera with 10 megapixels, i was so jealous of that! but i couldnt afford it, because it costs more than 100 euros. so i really have to choice, but i am glad with ben's thoughtfullness. he is not a friend, but a brother to me.

so i gave him a thousand pesos, but he wanted to test and see the specs of the camera, which takes long, so i told him, im just going outside to smoke. not long after, he went outside because he forgot the password for his credit card and he has to take manual cash at the atm.

he paid the camera and we went off! but i got thirsty and we looked for a cafe, this mall is for the masses, so they dont have any cafe's here, i asked someone if they have a cafe in this mall and he directed me at starbucks! arrrgghh. so ok, we went to starbucks.

ben paid my drink! he was so nice! i just couldnt find any person who will surpass ben as a great travel companion. he is the one! ahahaha.

when we where there the starbucks girl asked his name, and ben said, ben of course! ahahah then starbucks girl called his name loudly but she said PEN! ahahahahaha.

now i have two cameras in my pocket which was so heavy, after our starbucks and pen episode, we went home, but stopped at the grocery near my home. we bought lots of canned goods and noodles and drinks, i told ben i will pay this. then after buying food and stuff, we headed home and straight to the internet to check the weather. it said the next day that we will be having a typhoon, we were supposed to go to the "mystical beach" of anawangin, but we have to postpone it for the next next day.

i am really dissapointed about the weather and of course, isabel and ana, because they couldnt come with us to anawangin. it was again me and ben.

but i dont mind. i have the best travel companion in the world, in the name of pen, erm BEN! ahahahaha

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