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reviews about the hospitalities in the philippines are a kind of mix. although, the philippines has been long renowed for the hospitality of the people it feels strangely uncomfortable and a ground for taking advantage of foreigners. although i grew up in the philippines, i do not know how to be hospitable! hahahaha. if there were visitors specially relatives or my parent's friends in the house before, i usually lock myself in the room and never go out until they are gone. i felt uncorformtable serving to guests and all. thats why people call me a snob, but im really not, i just dont know what to do in hospitable situations. hahaha it didnt made sense what i wrote but i hope you get the picture! haaha.

after our trip to agho island, the kind and generous salcedo family brought us back to iloilo city, with smiles on their faces, never expecting anything in return and wishing us well for the rest of our trip. it was an embarrasing situation for me, the way i behaved and everything before going to agho island.

they not only brought us back to the city, but also to the place were staying in the district of la paz. after so many thank you's to the salcedo family, we bade them goodbye.

my aunt, manay boogie was already waiting for us, and our driver my nephew, palangga. manay lala went home to change her clothes, she was supposed to work but she accompanied us the whole time. so me, ben, manay boogie, palangga and rommel went back again to iloilo city to have dinner. we ate at ted's, where naturally the speciality is the mouth watering noodle soup called batchoy.

as we were eating, i told manay boogie our experience and she told me that the mother of the daughter of the mayor was in the hospital in the town that we went. in any time in case of emergeny, they needed the van that we used and her family beside her. i was too shocked to respond to it. i never encountered someone or somebody to put aside family situations for the benefit of others.

back in the college dorm, after we took a shower and ben laid dead like an opposum on the bed, i went to the living room and smoked. i pondered, i felt so shameful, arrogant and embarrased with my attitude in the afternoon. how could i be such a person?

i know, i will never met these wonderful and gracious people again, i may not be able to pay them, nor repay them or even gave them a gift before we departed. but i will remember, how their generosity, their hospitality towards us, setting aside important family matters just to tour us around their hometown and show us their beautiful island. thank you very much salcedo family.

i will remember.

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