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awesome landscape to san antonio! and behind those mountains is our destination: anawangin!
after more an than hour travelling with the bus across a beautiful and enigmatic landscape through the volcanic mountains that i havent seen before in the philippines, we finally arrived to our destination, the small municipality of san antonio.

when we got out of the bus, i asked the woman who also went off the bus if this is the town of san antonio and she said yes. i am disoriented, firstly, i had never been to this part of the philippines, secondly, we were supposed to go with isabel and ana here, using ana's car, so i didnt researched much about the place and thirdly, it didnt helped that tricycle drivers are already shouting HEY JOE (for a thousand times since we were in the philippines) to ben! oh no, im sure they would really really REALLY overprice us or something. then again the heat, it was so hot here.

we were standing in front of the town plaza in midday, there was a market of some sort, but the vendors doenst have much anything to sell, mostly plastic stuff, electronics thingamjig and some plastic and tacky lifesavers of animals, its obvious that we were near a beach.

we remembered, we dont have enough food for us, only some noodles and we dont have water for our 2nd camping episode in anawangin. i spotted from across were stading that theres a small grocery store, but first, i needed something for my stomach, we went to a pharmacy and i bought immodium ahahahhaa.

at the grocery store, it was dark and gloomy. a bit scary though, but they have lots of selections of chips, bits and noodles. we wandered around the grocery, we bought 2 cans of baked beans, chips, 2 large bottles of water, ice teas and extra noodles, then it hit me, that i forgot to bring fork, i was about to buy those plastic forks when ben told me that i can use his. as we paid our stuff, ben said to pay 50/50 because i always pay for everything, and we also we asked if the sell newspapers even old ones and the woman vendor said what do we need it for and i told her for making campfires, she stood up and gave us tons of newspapers! i asked her how much it was and she said with a smile that they are for free! we thanked her and we took off! my impression of getting ripped off was instantly becoming less.

now, to find a way how to get to a much smaller town called pundaquit. i reasearched it briefly when we were in manila, that we have to take a tricycle to go there. near the grocery store, we secured a tricycle and i told the driver that we would like to go to the town of pundaquit. so i put my backpack together with bens in the car of the tricycle and i sat at the back.

the town of san antonio, as i see it is still considered a sleepy town in my opinion, but things were really fast changing, concrete structures were everywhere including an expensively built looking townhall, it is due to the fact, that tourism is slowly creeping in as the beautiful and secluded beach of anawangin was discovered a few years ago. the people still look honest and not overcharging, but i feel, given a few years time, it will succumb to the demands of tourist, greed and money. yes, this town will never be the same again.

magie says:
I love that place...we visited the place last May 2011, with my friends...
Posted on: Apr 19, 2012
Eric says:
Nice writeup -- the best thing to do, I guess, is just enjoy these places while you still can. It's sad to see the attitudes of people change when tourism increases and more money becomes involved, but at the same time I suppose the added income probably helps....
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
lauro says:
wala akong bank account!

Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
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awesome landscape to san antonio! …
awesome landscape to san antonio!…
San Antonio
photo by: lauro