thank you mister donut! you are the one!

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the tricycle driver dropped us off again at the town of san antonio. the moment we got our things, i immediately searched for a restaurant us i am really shaking with hunger.

but its the midday, some shops were closed and although tourism is creeping in, it cannot hide the fact that san antonio is still a sleepy town. we searched in the market for any small canteens but we found nothing. at the bus stop, i asked a girl if she knows a restaurant, i asked in tagalog of curse, but she looked at my shyly and she said she doenst know what im talking about, i just looked at her jaw dropped! ahahahhaa.

ben said that it would better if we go to olongapo and eat there, but i told ben i cant anymore, because my knees couldnt hold, im shaking and i need something really cold to drink.

we didnt had much luck in the market, so we crossed the street back to the pharmacy, it was no use, still no restaurants or canteen there. but something caught my eyes! MISTER DONUT! perfect! ahahahaha

ben and me went there! oh those delicious donuts! actually i am never a fan of donuts, well, when i was young, but now not much. but it doenst matter! its still food AND sugar! it will give me for sure energy!

when the donut girl came, i ordered this, i ordered that! but i remembered from my childhood that i love these donuts with pineapple cream filling inside! so i ordered two of those!

after ordering the donuts, i bought 2 cold ice teas and paid them! ben ordered too as he hates to admit it, he was also hungry! ahahaha.

after we paid our purchases, we went back to the bus station that passes through the town of san antonio, when we got there, the station was loaded with so many campers! that its imposssible to fit in a bus.

we dont know the timtables of the transportation system, so we just waited in the shade and began devouring the donuts! it never felt so good in my mouth!

it was an amazing atmosphere, im snooping in the conversations of other campers because i can understand tagalog ahahaha, and also listening to rock music blasting from a pirated cd vendors just across us. the donuts and sugar really helped me to recover from being week and cold ice tea cooled my body and just relaxing sitting and listening to ben's blah blah put me back to senses! ahahaha.

then suddenly a bus came! then all the campers included us crowded into it! ahahaha. but the conductor shooed them away and surprisingly the conductor looked and pointed to ME and apologetically said that theres no place anymore. crap. but he was nice!

after waiting for so long, there arent any buses with vacant seats going back to olongapo, it didnt helped that we had so may passengers waiting. so i told ben that if its ok for him if we go to iba, the capital of zambales province and from there catch a bus to olongapo, he said it was ok for him, see new places and all! ok, so if a next bus thats going to iba comes along we will take it!

but ami racle came all of a sudden! a bus came going to olongapo city with lots of free seats! ben and me hurriedly climbed in! it doenst matter if we carry our packs in our laps as long as we can have a seat! lol.

lots of people were standing and we sat in the back!

the conductor came and i asked him if he can drop us to the bus station thats going to manila, he said yes. shyly he was so nice!

as the bus rolled, i got hungry again, i still have donuts and iced tea! ate them and filled me up again.

my adventures in the philippines with ben is slowly coming to an end. as i was looking at the window, i felt sad, happy, mixed feelings.

i chewed on my donut thoughtfully. nevertheless, it saved me from hunger.

lauro says:
we camped alot nicole and weve been eating only noodles and beans all the time! aaahaha and i cant eat that much coz its bloody humid in the philippines! i kept throwing up! LOL ahahah

but mister donut never tasted good that time! its mnna from heaven! lol
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
lauro says:
no.. its so hot in the philippines, i cant eat properly, i only eat in small bites because i couldnt digest the food! thats why i get hungry every now and then.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2009
vodkaphix says:
Your a softy really! hahahaha
Posted on: Jul 22, 2009
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San Antonio
photo by: lauro