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i thought losing the person that gave life to me would stop me from discovering all the beautiful and wonderful things on this earth. i was broken into pieces & i thought i could never gather myself again. but whenever i am alone, i see her smiling and encouraging me to move on. her hand pulls me beyond the longing which i always long to be, like a crashing tidal wave that drags me out to sea.

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January 30th, 2009i am here, Germany
January 31st, 2009Germany
February 1st, 2009Germany
February 21st, 2009Dusseldorf, Germany
March 3rd, 2009Germany
March 4th, 2009Germany
March 4th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 5th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 6th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 7th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 7th, 2009Hegyeshalom, Hungary
March 7th, 2009Gyor, Hungary
March 7th, 2009Tatabanya, Hungary
March 7th, 2009Budapest, Hungary
March 7th, 2009Esztergom, Hungary
March 7th, 2009Sturovo, Slovakia
March 7th, 2009Nove Zamky, Slovakia
March 7th, 2009Bratislava, Slovakia
March 8th, 2009Bratislava, Slovakia
March 9th, 2009Bratislava, Slovakia
March 9th, 2009Moravia, Czech Republic
March 9th, 2009Breclav, Czech Republic
March 9th, 2009Brno, Czech Republic
March 9th, 2009main station breclav, Czech Republic
March 9th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 10th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 11th, 2009Vienna, Austria
March 11th, 2009Germany
March 30th, 2009Germany
March 31st, 2009Dusseldorf, Germany
April 7th, 2009Germany
April 9th, 2009Dusseldorf, Germany
April 13th, 2009Germany
April 15th, 2009Frankfurt am Main, Germany
April 15th, 2009Doha, Qatar
April 16th, 2009Doha, Qatar
April 17th, 2009Manila, Philippines
April 17th, 2009Las Pinas, Philippines
April 17th, 2009Muntinlupa, Philippines
April 17th, 2009Philippines
April 18th, 2009Pasay, Philippines
April 18th, 2009Las Pinas, Philippines
April 19th, 2009Makati City, Philippines
April 20th, 2009Pasay, Philippines
April 20th, 2009Tarlac, Philippines
April 20th, 2009Sison, Philippines
April 20th, 2009Baguio, Philippines
April 21st, 2009Baguio, Philippines
April 21st, 2009Atok, Philippines
April 21st, 2009Benguet Province, Philippines
April 21st, 2009Bauko, Philippines
April 21st, 2009mountain province, Philippines
April 21st, 2009Sagada, Philippines
April 22nd, 2009Sagada, Philippines
April 23rd, 2009Sagada, Philippines
April 24th, 2009Sagada, Philippines
April 24th, 2009Baguio, Philippines
April 24th, 2009Tarlac, Philippines
April 25th, 2009Pasay City, Philippines
April 25th, 2009Las Pinas, Philippines
April 25th, 2009Manila, Philippines
April 26th, 2009Pasay City, Philippines
April 27th, 2009Pasay City, Philippines
April 27th, 2009Santa Barbara, Philippines
April 27th, 2009Iloilo City, Philippines
April 27th, 2009La Paz, Philippines
April 28th, 2009La Paz, Philippines
April 28th, 2009Barotac Nuevo, Philippines
April 28th, 2009Ajuy, Philippines
April 28th, 2009Concepcion, Philippines
April 28th, 2009Agho Island, Philippines
April 28th, 2009Iloilo City, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Iloilo City, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Oton, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Guimbal, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Miagao, Philippines
April 29th, 2009tigbauan, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Capul-an, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Santa Barbara, Philippines
April 29th, 2009Philippines
April 30th, 2009Iloilo City, Philippines
April 30th, 2009Santa Barbara, Philippines
April 30th, 2009Las Pinas, Philippines
May 1st, 2009Makati City, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009Pasay City, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009Olongapo, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009Subic, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009San Antonio, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009Pundaquit, Philippines
May 2nd, 2009anawangin, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009anawangin, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009Camara Island, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009Pundaquit, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009San Antonio, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009Olongapo, Philippines
May 3rd, 2009Pasay, Philippines
May 4th, 2009Las Pinas, Philippines
May 4th, 2009Makati City, Philippines
May 5th, 2009Pasay City, Philippines
May 5th, 2009Philippines
May 5th, 2009World
May 6th, 2009Pasay, Philippines
May 6th, 2009Doha, Qatar
May 7th, 2009Doha, Qatar
May 7th, 2009Frankfurt am Main, Germany
September 9th, 2009Germany