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in the beginning of my trip, from vienna, to budapest to bratislava, i was already wondering that everything seemed soooo easy. no hindrances and everything went smoothly, it was too surreal for me, because by 6 days, no misadventures happened... until it came to this one! arrrghhhh.

so now i am on a train going to berlin instead of vienna, but i have to stop at brno, and catch a train back to vienna. i ate inside the train but all of these excitements, i had so many butterflies - or bats?!! in my stomach that i couldnt even swallow my food, but i have to or else i could not think properly.

as the train slowed down and approaching brno, i packed all my things and put on my jacket, it was so unfair as now the sun was shining! aaarrrggghh.

approaching the central station of brno, i gasped at the sight of it! behind it was a magnificent gothic cathedral perched on a hill that even from a low point, you can see the roof and the spires! hmmmm not bad, maybe i should spend my time in brno?!! why not, coconut?!

so i've decided to see brno! i got down from the train trying to figure out where are the bloody ticket counters. it took me a while to find it, but i was mesmerised by the cathedral reflecting from the transparent windows of the main station.

at last i found it and fell in line, when it was my turn, i asked the woman in the counter  for a train to vienna and she told me that i must go to an international ticket counter!

arggghh he we go again, i just rolled my eyes, but i needed a toilet AGAIN. so i saw signs for WC and followed it, and i saw an international train sign on the way and i go there after. it was bit dark and murky in the hallway to the toilet, and a bunch of teenagers, young boys are grouped outside AND LOOKING AT ME. fuck, i hope they dont steal my things, was the first thing that came to my mind, i hurriedly walked past them and into the toilets, where i gave .5 cents, i dont know whats with the 5 cents, the eyes of the cleaning ladies laughed with delight at the sight of it *rolls eyes* and they WONT accept euros! hahaha.

anyway, after that, i went to the international ticket counter which looked like more a travel agency, and i have fears that the price would be higher as they would have a cut of the real price.

as i stepped in, i asked nicely if the lady can speak english or german and she said she can in english and the lady turned into mrs. hyde as she was soooo haughty to me! but still i kept my calm and asked her if they accept euros and she said no ony czech koruny or credit cards. i asked her again how much a ticket to vienna would cost, she was like angry or something that i have so many questions! hahahahaha but still grumpily, she checked for prices and she said to me 644 czech koruny. i swallowed hard. i said to her, i will come back and try to find a bank.

no thats a big challenge, how to find a bank, i dont have any credit cards. i went out of the central station and it was so chaotic and so sunny, that i had to go back to the central station, i mean being in the rain for such a long time, sunlight appears to be odd, and im not a vampire! hahaha.

finally, after walking inside the central station, i found an atm and good thing that they accept EC and maestro cards which i have. i was still thinking of exploring the city so i need more cash rather than 644 czech koruny, so i withdrawed 1000 czech koruny.

then i went back to the international train counter which is more like a travel agency! hahahaha.

inside there was man booking something, but they were speaking in czech, it took them forever to figure themselves. when it was my turn, the lady took out a ticket card, and said to me that if i am going to book a ticket to vienna and i said yes, and paid her, but i told her, that i still have a ticket to breclav and if i can get a discount on that one? the ticket was already printed and she was so angry at me gave me back my money and teared the ticket in front of my eyes told me to go to the domestic ticket counter and fucking shooed me away! hahahahahaha hahahahahahah hahahaha. arrrghhhh!

i dont know about these people, but the weather seemed to have an effect on them! hahahaha.

so, i dont have a chance to run over breclav as i have to go back there again and catch the train to vienna, back at the ticket counter, i bought a ticket to breclav which was only about 6 euros.

now i really contemplated on going around brno, i dont have anymore desire to explore the city, as.. i dont wanna get shouted, shooed again and seeing old women in the public toilets smiling with delight at .5 cents!!! hahaha.

and it was a good thing, that i saw on the board that in 5 minutes a train to budapest would come.

at the platform, i was again in disbelief as i am boarding a train to budapest, BUT I AM GOING BACK TO THAT HOSTEL CITY BRECLAV and catch another train to vienna! hahahaha.

once the misadventure pop, it just wouldnt stop! arrrgghhh

ActorFilmmaker says:
You're so funny! Hahahahahah!
Posted on: Oct 17, 2011
vodkaphix says:
A scary frustrating trip blog er? But well told hehehehehe.
Posted on: May 03, 2009
lauro says:
hahah bernard! no i was only kidding with the weather! hahah it has absolutely nothing to do with it! ^_^
Posted on: Mar 24, 2009
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