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leaving budapest was the hardest part, in a short amount of time, i fell in love with the city. a beautiful city, if i would describe it again i would burst! hahaha.

as i boarded into the train i said one last goodbye to livia, and i sent an sms to my favorite slovakian, martin die gurke (martin the cucumber) hahahaha it's my way of teasing him, as we were really good friends! i said to him that i am now already boarding my train from budapest to bratislava and he answered which time i would arrive, well in the ticket it didnt said anything, so i said to him search it in the internet! hahahaha and i received a reply "du möhre" (you carrot) hahahahaha.

i dont have any reserve seats, so i just went to one of the train cars, and surprisingly lots of people from asia, actually a whole group of them consisting of 20+++ people! my god! are on the same car i am in.  i couldnt specify which country they are from but surely from northern asia - china, mongolia and korea.

it was hard to find a place for the cabins, if they are not full some idiotic people put their bags on the seats or occupied by the 20+++ asians inside the car! arrrghhhh.

finally i found one cabin with only two people inside! i went in and smiled at the guy on the first seat the other one was sleeping. then as the train began to move, i poured out my freebie reading materials from livia's friend, judith and started eating my kfc junior twister and mineral water.

and the good thing was that, my little finger wasnt bleeding anymore, the bleeding was gone and the blood had dried!

the guy across me was friendly, he smiled at me and i smiled at him and we smiled at each other! hahahaha, he asked me where i came from and where i am going. i told him i am from the philippines but living in germany and visiting a friend in slovakia, blah blah blah then i asked him, he came from romania and was assigned to work in an american company in kutna hura in the czech republic and i asked him what company it was and he said EYPHEL (apple) i didnt understood him so i asked again and i still didnt understood him, he repeated but i was still blank so finally he said something to do with computers! hahahaha.

the guy on the right side of me in the window was so stoic, its like a mannequin sitting! hahahah.

i was a little bit tired from walking in budapest, so i put on my mp3 player but i realized the battery is very low as its also my mobile phone. so i didnt put music on and tried to sleep with the noises coming from the 20+++ asians inside the train car.

lauro says:
gotcha! :P
Posted on: Mar 17, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Laurinhio, u know you should not get crack during school days! ahahhahaha :P
Posted on: Mar 17, 2009
lauro says:
lili you have a crush on martin! :P ahahahahah hahahahaahahahahhaa
Posted on: Mar 17, 2009
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