the shortest but longest day of my life! arrrghhh or ben's?!

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im fucking dead.
we went out of the airport to meet manay boogie outside, together again with palangga and tio diego drove the battle truck. we werent sure how the two flights were cancelled, in my theory, cebu pacific just overbooked but my aunt say she saw an airplaine just hovering in the sky after they dropped us off at the airport. but i really dont care, all i want to do is rest and get some food! i am really hungry and so was bens! problem is, it was already nearing midnight! and the airport in santa barbara is about more or less 1 hour from iloilo city itself. so i said, whatever resto is still open that time, well charge for it! ahahahaha.

but first we have to go to iloilo midtown hotel and check in, it wasnt hard to find the hotel. we went in while the other stayed behind. the interior is so chinese, everything is chinese! even the filipino women receptionist made themselves look chinese! ahahahaha.

we checked in and gave our vouchers, i asked the receptionist if she knows what time the flight was, and she said we should be up at 4 am because the morning flight should be at 7 am. then she handed a piece of paper to me and asked to check which breakfast we would like to have! oh free breakfast voucher! i checked corned beef, eggs and coffee while ben checked sausage, eggs and coffe.

so we got our keys, together with the roomboy we went to our hotel room, we left our bags and we went down, but had a difficult time to fnd the elevator again! ahahha and we bumped into prostitutes looking slyly! ahahahaha ahahaha

when we got down manay boogie was waiting for us and she said that theres a 24 hour fastfood open! chowking!!! bens favorite! so we went there with palangga, because tio diego stayed with the battle truck. we went to chowking and i ordered congee, ben had chinese buns, palangga and manay boogie had fruit sherbet in the middle of the night! ahahaha.

after we ate, we went back to the hotel, manay boogie asked us if they can pick us up again and bring us to the airpot, im not sure of it! so i asked the security guard of the hotel if thats possible, but he said that other guests already checked in at the airport and cebu pacific coach transfers will pick us up! sounds good! so i said to manay boogie that we dont need to be fetched tomorrow as everything is organized, and again for the last last last time we said goodbye to each other!

when we went up at our room, i took a shower, to relieve all the stress i had and also that i wont need to take a shower anymore tomorrow morning, after me, ben took his.

we set the alarm for 4 am, and it was already 1 am! ahahahaha shucks, were in this nice comfortable hotel but well only sleep for 3 hours aaarrrghhhh. so after saying i love yous to each other ahahahahahhhahaha we hit the sack!

lauro says:
one of the strangest situations in my life!
Posted on: Jul 23, 2009
vodkaphix says:
I have started to read your blogs again after a rest, well doing other things in Life. But i missed your entertaining blogs, your so FUNNY!
"so after saying i love yous to each other ahahahahahhhahaha we hit the sack!"
Posted on: Jul 22, 2009
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im fucking dead.
im fucking dead.