a roadtrip with no direction and a cheesy music that played over and over again!

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getting out of iloilo city!
it rained last night, but the weather now turned beautiful. as we got out of iloilo city, the rain clouds dissapeared and sunshine came out. from the coastal road, we can see the island of guimaras and in no time, the islands were supposed to go, siete pecados. it was about 10 am, im feeling a little quirky because, i want to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. but were driving and driving through the coastal area.

ben and me were seated together in the 2nd row of the van, while the woman - who still i dont know who she was and manay lala were seated in the front. at the back was rommel and the small girl, together with the guy associated with the woman driving who kept on tlaking and talking and talking and talking while singing along at the damn tape played over and over and over and over.
apprently its donnie darko's sister! donnette darko! hahaha
ben and me looked at each and laugh silently.

we were just driving and driving and driving up north, and i feel a little bit irritated, because time is wasted - the beaches and the sea are on to the right and such glorious weather. we could have been to guimaras now and siete pecados enjoying island hopping, but no, we stuck in a fucking van with that damn tape playing the same over and over again! i am so german in this, if the plans dont get in my way, i get so irritated or was that im really a spoiled brat? hahaha there was no other way to do but to laugh really as i was so annoyed!

the bad thing in me, is that i am transparent in my feelings and people can really see me if i squirm. so if i am annoyed, people can see if i am annoyed, but i am embarassed to do that in front of ben. and ben was so nice to calm me down and kept saying everything would be alright. then we kept ourselves busy by looking at the tacky stuff toy stucked in the car window, looks weird though, the ears are just like donnie darko's but pink, so its a girl and we named it donnette darko. ahahahaha

we passed so many towns that i had never been before in iloilo, even if i was a teenager, i never passed coastal areas in this province, thats why my prejudice of iloilo before was nothing but sugar cane amd ricefields with here and there hills. ahahahaha.

i envy ben because he has an mp3 player that he can just plusg in his ears, while i, i was stuck listening to that stupid tape playing over and over again because my mp3 player broke down in the mountains! arrrrghhh

so what to do? i tried to sleep!

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getting out of iloilo city!
getting out of iloilo city!
apprently its donnie darkos siste…
apprently its donnie darko's sist…
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