relief exists i find it when, i was cut - literally.

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from my train in breclav, czech republic back to vienna, austria, i had a hard time finding an empty cabin, if there are empty seats people's bags are thrown at it or worst some unscrupoulous characters inside the cabin!

after searching and searching cabin by cabins, i finally found one with a lonely passenger inside it. it was a middle aged woman, she looked more of like an art teacher, i smiled at her when i went in and she smiled back and we smiled at each other and i slumped on my seat.

the only thing on my mind, is that i want to go home. i was so tired, spent and hungry. the funny thing was, i am missing düsseldorf, germany rather than the philippines. i never felt so homesick, and alone. i just want to get this all over with.

inside the train was so listless, in just a matter of minutes i crossed austria, but still less than an hour to vienna.

after some impatient moments, the train was slowing down and a clear german announcement said that the train will stop at simmering station before it goes to its final destination which is at süd hbf. that was great! as it is where i stay! in simmering!

when the train in simmering station stopped, i felt so relieved! back again to reading and speaking in german (i hope), so i immediately went to ticket counter to buy 48 hours ticket which costed 10 euros.

asi was at the ticket machine and fishing out money again from the zippers of my bag, i made it sure that my razor blad wasnt there anymore. but then again as i was fishing deeper, something caught my finger and sliced it, but i thought it was only some card or coins, but when i pulled it out my fucking ring finger was bleeding SO MUCH. it was a more deeper cut from the first one.

oh my god, i thought id saw a pussycat?! haha no, but i thought id saw the glitter of the bone through the cut! fuck! the other new razors where also in there and theyve fallen out of place in the container so they were just scattered through in the zipper handle.

i remember i had some tissues and wrapped it in there, but the bleeding was so intense, that the blood was staining the thick tissues. i was trembling while i was buying the tickets, two girls were looking at me, because the blood was also spilling on the floor. fuck fuck fuck.

then i remember that in the station where i would stop, there was a drugstore that was never opened for the time i was there, and i am praying that it would be open so i can buy bandages.

luck was not on my side as it was closed when i got there, so when i went to ariel's flat he still wasnt there, and i really really turned his flat upside down looking for bandages! i fucking finally found one. ONLY ONE, i hoped that i dont commit any mistakes wrapping it because my hands were trembling hard. i did managed to wrap it correctly but again the bleeding was intense because the cut was so deep. it stained the bandage i seconds.

but at least the wound is closed.

i was exasperated! i got so hungry! i decided to change the remaining czech koruny with me! so from where i stay i went to the center of vienna to stephansplatz where lots of mnoey changers are located. i found western union and changed the korunys there. i was dissapointed because its only 18 euros, but its ok at least i can use it.

then i went to schwedenplatz to the filipino store ang bought lots of chinese buns and red eggs and rice! as i was so hungry! then bought a bandage to a drugstore near there for my spares.

back at ariels flat i ate and waited for him, i will be alone again as he will play tennis with his workmates. i took a hot bath with my favorite scent and put oil on it so the scent will make my mind calm. i almost slept inside the tub. what a relief, it felt like i was out for a week!

this day was quite exhausting for me, even if i would meet martin tonight, i couldnt anymore.

to make me sleepy i just watched some filipino films, checked my mails on the internet and sleep and tomorrow, my last full day, i will meet another friend at night but i will pay visit to donauinsel in the afternoon.

Lilliana77 says:
Hehehehe, I believe you Laurinhio, I believe you... just don't turn bloody as Tarantino :P hehe
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
lauro says:
hahah lili are you trying to say i am lying?! hahaha i took a picutre of the tissue full of blood ^_^ hahaha im such an exhibitionist ^_^ but i dont want to post it here ^_^
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Aishhh cunejoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I mean what else you will write on this blog, huh??? hahahah
or you are typing all this to make it more exciting hahaha....Blood, attraction for the audience hehe:P

Azsalsa is right, always bring with you a first aid kit. Well, at least I always bring with me band aids, and I always use them :)
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
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