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as i was sulking inside the van, with the beautiful weather outside. we came to the municipality of ajuy. then manay lala said that this is the island of marbuena is located. but i dont have the lust to be excited, as i was really seething inside, because i really dont have any idea to where we were going!

if they are talking baout marbuena island excitedly, then we should just damn stop at this point and get it over with! hahahha but we drove and drove. then suddenly, the road winds up into hills and were driving through zigzaggy routes, across hills and then to our right were gorgeous beaches! dotted with little islands and tons of palm trees!

but still, i felt annoyed, i looked at my watch, we were driving for almost 3 hours now! time was realy really really wasted! because the reason why we went here to iloilo was that we are trying to escape the rain from manila and other areas in the philippines.

inside the van, i overheard the other people talking on the cellphone, its like theyre making something for us, but its in ilonggo dialect, but i couldnt really understand most of it, but i get things at some point. that people were already waiting for us at the place that theyre going to bring us. oh... shit...  great. i know this scene already! as i came from the philippines, that we are going to a VERY touristic beach with cottages, with hundreds of people waiting for us, with food, drinks, alcohol and all, having a good time, pictures and after all the excitement were going to pay for them.

that is why i love doing off the beaten paths in the philippines, because less touristy and away from these so called traps.

i already whispered to ben what i was expecting and ben said to me just relax, he has money and i have money too, the worst thing can happen is that were gonna feed an entire village! ahahahha i laughed at that, but ben was so positive that his spirits didnt even faltered! ahahaha.

then my suspicions really really came, as we stopped in a market and bought a hundred bootles of softdrinks and water! oh geez, so much for my quiet vacation with ben! now were really going to feed lots of people!

i wanna go somewhere and anywhere but here!

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