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beautiful mikulov... i was suppose to go here but.....
it was raining outside while i was in the train, from bratislava, slovakia to breclav, czech republic will take me an hour of ride.

eventhough that it was a bit dark in the morning, i can see the countryside of slovakia which is not bad at all! not bad. i will have to come back one day again and explore the country not only bratislava.

now, czech republic is divided into three regions, bohemia, moravia and silesia.  the largest city in bohemia is prague, which i considered going but it is too far from vienna, the largest city in silesia is ostrava, which is again out of range for me, but moravia is closer, with brno as the largest city. in the beginning, i opted to go to brno, but then, i want to experience the culture of the east, the city is too much for me coming from budapest and bratislava.

then i contacted my good friends in travbuddy klara and pavel to help me with transportation costs and expenses around the the area of czech republic which is moravia.

then, klara suggested something to me, because she knows i like little villages, why not go to her hometown of mikulov? when i looked at the pictures of the medieval town of mikulov, i was damn breathless!!!! it was beautiful that I HAVE TO GO THERE.

but first, i have to get to breclav and from breclav catch a train to mikulov. sounds easy to me, actually this whole trip was really easy its just like cracking peanuts! there werent any obstacles and hindrances along the way, until that cucumber told me that "LAURO DONT GET LOST IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC".

lauro says:
hahah i got really lost! haahaha
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
klaaRA says:
but he tried so hard... :)
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
lauro says:
wie kann ich wissen dass ich verlaufen kannte?!!! hahaha
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
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beautiful mikulov... i was suppose…
beautiful mikulov... i was suppos…
photo by: lauro