our trek to the volcano was f@@king cancelled and i was soooo angry! i needed someone to strangle!

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when we were at sagada, i contacted ted if he can accompany us to visit the old spanish manila and the chinatown! he said yes! we set the date that after we arrived from the mountains, we meet on saturday afternoon at the front of my old college as it is located in the old walled fortress of manila in the spanish times! appointment was all done and set, now all we have to do is appear as we intended to!

but before that, i had to follow up our mt. pinatubo volcano trek. as soon as i landed in the philippines, i sent so many sms to the tour organizer for the volcano. because i wanted them to know that we are interested, because we cannot pay through credit cards, which means, its all about THE WORD TRUSTING. so me and ben emailed them from time to time, letting them know where we were in the philippines. i got a few responses from them here and there. so we were relaxed that the tour will pursue. but since we were in sagada, i havent heard from them, well mobile signal was hard to come by. but i still kept e-mailng them but to no avail, no response. so when we landed back to our homebase in las piƱas, i immediately called them, because only two days to go before our trek, then i had never ever been so dissapointed in my life, i finally spoke to the tour organizer and she was so unsymphathetic saying that our trip was cancelled! i was like WHATTAFUCK?! i mean, would it be nice just to send an email response while we were at the mountains that the tour would be cancelled or just simply send an sms?!! i mean, how hard can that be?!! i just couldnt believe what ive heard! i mean - we shouldnt have went back to manila, we should had continued our tour somewhere else! i didnt wait for her explanation, i hung the phone and told ben the news. he was of course - very dissapointed! i wanted to strangle her!

so what to do now?!! we had a meeting, before even having breakfast, it was not also nice, as it was raining and in the news said that a typhoon in the philippines is approaching, god damn it! it was the worst day and news that hit me! i mean US.

and this time, i was so embarassed to ben, because i always said to him, that april is the less rainy season of the month in the philippines. so goodbye to that idea. but ben was so positive! he kept cheering me up, but im still downhearted because i promised him this trek, and i am now every german in thinking, that i always plan ahead and then if the plan doenst push through i get dissapointed and a little bit lost in the end and its really hard to plan to go anywhere since the fucking country is clouded by a typhoon!

so we went to the internet cafe at 10 am after eating a quick breakfast we better make everything quick as were about to meet ted at 3pm, so we looked at all possibilities, the weather forecast and stuff, there are several cities and islands in the philippines that has a good chance of sunshine.  there was busuanga island in palawan, iloilo province, cagayan de oro, zamboanga in mindanao island - most of the northern and eastern part of the country was in rain, so what we did we tried to opt between busuanga and iloilo, we checked the flight prices and busuanga was a bit cheaper than iloilo, BUT we have to pay for our food, lodging, and extra curricular activities like island hopping, snorkeling and the likes which was expensive, in iloilo which is my mother's home province, the flight was expensive than busuanga, BUT we dont have to pay for our lodging since we can stay in my family farm for free, but it is in the hinterlands, far from the beaches. i had never been to iloilo since i was 15 years old, so i really dont know what to expect and i dont speak the dialect which is ilonggo, but my aunt from germany kept pestering me to come to iloilo because she was at the same time in the philippines as me. since i got to the philippines, she was calling me blah blah blah.

after an hour of dscussion, ben and me decided to go to iloilo, as he is very curious about my home province! we booked our tickets via cebu pacific that offers low cost airfares inside and outside the philippines, we used ben's credit card for booking. it was hell complicated! i had never seen something like that in my entire life! if i book plane tickets from my trusted website in germany, in just two clicks im booked! but in cebu pacific you have to blah blah blah. anyway, so we booked for two people leaving the next day! as must our our time inside the philippines!

so after so much clicking and blah blah blah! we waited for the confirmation letter, but still wasnt there, then after 30 minutes of waiting we gave up and well just check the confirmation email again later!

so we went back to house, ate lunch of tuna in tomato sauce and rice the got ready to meet ted, hit the old spanish influenced manila and try cuisine in the china town in manila which is the oldest china town in the world!

lauro says:
tang inang haiden kho yan ang liit ng etits! ahaahhaah

sige padala ko na lang sa iyo yung sex video ko, mas malaki ng 10x yung kasama ko dun, i-distribute mo na lang sa pinas. ahahahahaha

ahaha hindi, wala na sa akin yun, past is past, pero sympre part of the blog di ba? kung hindi na cancel yun, e di hindi kami nakapunta ng iloilo! at hanggang luzon lang ang beauty namin di va?! ahahahaha
Posted on: May 27, 2009
planisphere says:
sus, meron kaming 5 vids na ganun no. hahaha

well, steady lang, success naman yung hike namin eh, pero feel ko kasi inaway ka nya kaya dapat syang i-ban. hehehe
Posted on: May 26, 2009
lauro says:
nang iintriga ka apo ha! baka padalhan kita ng sex video ni hayden kho! ahahaha

bakit, hindi mo ba siya feel?! hahaha
Posted on: May 26, 2009
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