never tiring and desperately wanting....... to go back to vienna! arrghhhhhhh

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in the train to breclav from brno, i was listless, because i am gonna be back in breclav and what if i miss that bloody train again?!!! austria is only minutes away from the border and it feels like i have to cross a great ocean to be able to get back to vienna! arrrghhhh.

it was a strange strain, there werent any cabins, but seats, i dont know if my ticket allows me to sit on the seats, but  i sat anyway! hahaha, well i mean, if my ticket is not for seats, i would have to pay a fine and god knows what?! maybe spend a weekend in breclav?! hahaha.

then the controllers came, i nervously gave my ticket, but it was okay! my nervousness was gone. so, the thought of spending a week in breclav is out of the question! hahaha.

it was only again a 20 minute ride, and before i can say Ski bi di bi di do bap do bap Do ba do bap, i'm the scatman! i was back at the main station of breclav! amazing, its like that freaky tv series in the 1990's!!!! EERIE INDIANA! hahaha.

inside the train station, i missed the train going to vienna by only a couple of minutes, so i have to wait AN HOUR. i dont know what to do to be honest. so i went down to the hallways of the platform to the otherside to smoke. but i was hidden in the shadows, i dont want to expose myself too much, god knows where i would end up.

of curse my ever observing nature is at full force, while smoking outside, i saw people, taxis and cars stop and go at the main station. they semmed looked normal, so nothing to worry for me. then i got thirsty, then while walking to the front door if the station, i pulled out my iced tea drink, it was god damn hilarious and freaky at the same time, as i was struggling to open that bottle cap! it wouldnt budge at the slightest and the freaky thing was a woman was watching me from the window of the station with dark, menacing and piercing eyes! hahahahaha.

somehow her look miraculously made me open the bloody bottle cap! i glugged, it feels as though i had had a drink for such a long time and it never felt good!

then suddenly i realized i have about 1000 czech koruny, and the money changer was in my face! it doenst matter if i get 2-3-4 euros less the important thing is that i have to change my money as i dont have any use of czech koruny anymore.

as i lined in the money changer and was my turn, i got confused again, apprently the international exchange from czech koruny to euro is on the other side, because i lined in at the euro to czech koruny! how am i supposed to do that! but my eyebrows raised as i saw a man with only 1 euro but the counter changed his money?!! my thoughts were interrupted as an old man suddenly took my arm! withouth a word, he guided me to where the other international currency changing is!

the controller from the train was there and changing money too, its taking them forever! as my train is coming in 10 minutes. ahh i just decided i would change it in vienna!

finally, my train to vienna came! and it would not stop in vienna west hbf, but in vienna süd hbf, where exactly EXACTLY the ending of the movie hostel went! arrrggghhhhhhhh!

Lilliana77 says:
Haha it's just a way to say... Let's continue our ways despite the stones ^_^

Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
lauro says:
looking forward to wut?
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Well said, Laurinhio ^_^
Looking forward, looking forward :)
Posted on: Mar 24, 2009
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main station breclav