i never could have come this far without you and i am bound to thank you for it.

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thank you so much ben for all the adventures in the philippines i had experienced.
i have so many mix emotions while i am writing this entry. but i guess, i have to begin where everything had started for me: travbuddy. if it isnt for this (words cannot describe it anymore but only good things) website, i would have found travbuddies whom never in my life would dream of traveling together.

but, there was this person, who above all became my greatest comrade in discovering the world. i remember, it only took a mouse click and invited him to join us in spain and portugal last year, he didnt even had doubts or wasnt even scared that we were all strangers to one another.

before we get to travel together to spain and portugal along with the most amazing travbuddies in the world, we spent endless hours of long distance phone calls and feel comfortable, of course, theres no question about it, because it would be hard to travel with someone you dont know and spend days together, as i am used to be alone and its the first for me for everything.
ben and me camped into the mountains and got fucking stuck for 17 hours inside the tent because there was a fucking typhoon! aahahaha the life! ^_^

it turned out that we had lots of things in common, well, it difficult to clear it, its not exactly like we are the same, but it happens that we like to do things that only the two of us would understand! hahahah i had to laugh at that! hahaha.

after our trip to spain and portugal, we never looked back.

ben - you are truly an amazing person. its so hard to string words together how to describe you. you are amazing, you are funny in a mean way, your wit and humor never stopped me from smiling and laughing all the time that we were in the philippines. three weeks of traveling together felt very short as we were both having fun, time really flies so fast.

in three weeks, there was never a moment that we didnt had any mishaps, big and small misadventures along the way, i would go crazy if i experienced it alone (well actually i did lots of times hahaha) but it was so much fun sharing with you! there wasnt a moment i found peace, it was suposed to be a vacation in the philippines, but it feels as though i worked there rather than having a relaxed time! ahahaha.
nyahahaha! ben and me's first boat ride!

thank you so much for being there with me, for calming me down while i panicked, for holding my hands to prevent me from death. i thank your family specially to your mom, who invited me to your little cottage in chilham, free of stay and free food to munch hahaha. thank you so much for coming with me to the philippines, thank you so much for your graciousness and generosity, thank you so much for all the laughter, the smirks - eventhough we bicker like girls in the middle of the streets, it was so fun! thank you so much for calling me your little monkey and correcting my english because i always retort that you shuld shut the fuck up ahahaha. thank you thank you thank you.

thank you so much for making me realize my dreams in travel - no, not travel but discovering the world, its the kind of  voyage that i was longing for : adventure, drama, comedy, action all in one put together.

to be honest, i got scared when you got out of the tent when we were stuck because of a typhoon to gather drinking water for us in a small waterfalls bit far from the campsite, you were out for almost an hour in the strong rain, foggy and the visibility was almost zero. when you came back, you never knew how much relief i had to see you unscathed but fucking wet ahahahaha. please ben, dont do that again! arrrgh!

i do not know if we would meet or travel or share experiences in the future but you will always be mentioned whenever i write and i speak of my travels.

ben, i could never have come this far withouth you and i am bound to thank you for it.

salut! and your favorite goodbye expression that i would never forget: HASTA LUEGO!

colin415 says:
VERY SWEET!!! What a fantastic piece, it really warms my heart! :D
Posted on: Dec 02, 2010
vodkaphix says:
Awww, I am filling (tearing) up!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2009
lauro says:
nicht nur ben, aber ich bedanke immer die leute die mit mir gereisst haben - oder die leute die ich bei meiner reise getroffen habe ^_^
Posted on: Jul 28, 2009
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thank you so much ben for all the…
ben and me camped into the mountai…
ben and me camped into the mounta…
nyahahaha! ben and me's first boa…
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