i was lost in the dark, a hotdog stand, cold winter nights, a creepy character and a viking.

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my small back pack for 3 days to budapest, bratislava and czech. rep!

lukas will meet me at his house near west bf, i have to get out at station schweglerstraße, one stop after west bf. so at midnight, readied myself, checked my things, passport and ticket to budapest. i told ariel that i will come back on monday afternoon/evening because we have to meet martin for dinner/drinks at monday night.

ariel and me discussed about whether to leave the house key or take it with me, because if i leave it, i dont know which time will i be back at home and ariel is at the house around 8 pm. but if i take the key with me and lose it, i will have to pay the ENTIRE HOUSE which consisted of more than 100 flats for new key replacements! hahahahaha hahaha haha but well, i decided to take the key with me.
i look scary at 12 midnight!
i may lose 20 euro bills and stuff but i never lose important documents and keys in my entire life. so i trusted my instincts.

i  said goodbye to ariel and went off!

at the subway, eventhough its in the middle of night, there are still many passengers, which amazes me here in vienna. well, vienna is 4x bigger than düsseldorf, so its more alive and pulsating.

inside the subway, a group of young students went in, i had my mp3 on, and i thought they were austrians or viennese, but then i heard they were a bunch of english students, maybe a fieldtrip to vienna, and they were looking for nightspots in town. i had a smile on my face, because these children had the privilege to travel while they were studying, when i was their age, we had field trips at school too, but local ones and if i have to get out of town, i couldnt because my mom was very strict, i had to escape and jump over the gate at midnight while my friend's were waiting for me 2 blocks with their cars.
a tent inside lukas' flat! amazing!
but now, past is past and i am enjoying my freedom. it doenst matter which age, freedom is never late, it just comes in the right place and in the right time.

it was drizzling outside when i took off from ariels flat to the subway station at his area in enkplatz then about 16 unbelievable stops in the subway hahahaha , but when i got out of schweglerstraße, rain was prouring heavily, good thing i put my pullover with hood and my thick jacket as it was also very windy.

now all i have to do is follow the direction given to me by lukas, walk strait to märzstraße, then turn left at hackengasse and just look for the number to his house, seems pretty simple!

it was raining, cold, windy and surreptitious streets were opening up! but i still continued to walk and having a hard time finding hackengasse, i sent an sms again to lukas as i am already in beingasse, i waited for a moment for his reply before continuing to walk, then i received a reply and lukas said that im on the right track just walk straight.
the coffee table, and i thought i was the most messiest person in the world!
i passed a russian supermarket, but i couldnt find hackengasse, so i walked straight further and further, i am beginning to get scared because it was eerie, cold and rainy. but i told myself to relax, fuck it i speak german! if someone would be scared then it isnt going t be me! hahahahaha

as i walked further, it came to a huge crossing, i was never in the part of vienna before and i told myself to relax. funny, i walked until the end of märzstraße and hackengasse was nowhere to be found, i took shelter in one of the buildings and lighted a cigarette and sent sms to lukas, as i was waiting for his reply, a tall big man came to me and i was startled because i didnt knew he was already behind me!

my face was like a deer caught in the middle of the highway blinded by car lights! then apparently he wanted to ask if he can borrow my lighter! hahahaha hahahahaha and he apologized that he scared me! hahahaha.
tibetan prayer flags!
then i asked him where is hackengasse, unfortunately he doenst know. well i am not a person who just stands and wait, lukas' reply takes a while because the number is international, so i walked and walked into the otherside and looking for that bloody hackengasse.

then amazingly at this ungodly hour, a hotdog stand was still open and 2 young men were eating hotdogs, well, in this case, i am usually shy to approach people and ask for directions because i always follow my instincts, but nevertheless i went up to them and asked, the other one doenst know where hackengasse is, but the other guy, knows, he said its just 3 blocks from there.

i just rolled my eyes, how can i miss it?!

so i just walked along hütteldorferstraße which was on the otherside of märzstraße, and got an sms from lukas, he was so worried about me, that he was already out of his house and looking for me! hahahaahahaha, damn it i looked like a wet little chick.
to the toilet!

but i told him i am already in hackengasse standing in front of his house.

i waited for about 15 minutes, then i finally saw lukas coming out of the shadows, well who wouldnt miss him?! hes more than 1.90 meters! hahahaha.

we went into his flat which was located at the very top of the house that doenst had elevator, his flat is called a wg or wohnungsgemeinschaft, sort of boarding house that he shares with 4 other people, with a common kitchen, common room and common toilet and i was fucking surprised when we went to the common room! THERE WAS A TENT INSIDE IT AND TIBETAN FLAGS HANGING ALL OVER! amazing!

the common room is what i dreamed of, it was the most unconventional wohnungsgemeinschaft i had ever been to. because the wg's i had been to were always oderly and neat, quite boring and smoking is not allowed LOL hahaha

i really like lukas, he has a different personality, very strange, hes very aloof and doenst talk alot, we listened to renè aubry, which is a mix of classical and new age music while we were smoking and relaxing.

eventhough lukas doenst speak alot, the knoweldge of german helps, and good thing that lukas lived in germany for a while, that he is very eloquent with high german, because to be honest, austrians speak high german but in a couple of minutes or hours, they get tired of it and switch again to austrian german.

lukas and me talked far into the night. although were different racially, there was a connection between the two of us. you see, lukas is over 1.90 meters, not typical for an austrian, very skinny and pale - reminds me a lot of the character powder - timid - but he's not  an albino hahahaha. and he said to me, that he feels more at home in iceland, rather than in continental europe, his body, soul, heart and spirit is icelandic and when he gets up, he was really tall - like a true viking.
impressive artworks.

i was quiet for a while after listening to lukas. i seldom meet people like him, people who really believed they are reincarnation of the past. if lukas believed that he is icelandic, i believed i was born in the cliffs. i dont know why, but its not only about having a belief, it is also the way of being unvonventional, of being different from others without trying or putting an effort, of being cool withouth trying to be cool, it just comes, born with it, is to be exact.

after some relaxing and smoking, it was time to sleep- well for me that is, because i have to wake not super early tomorrow but still early for my train ride to budapest. lukas told me to get anything from the kitchen if i wanted to have breakfast since he will be sleeping late as he dont have work the following day.

so me and lukas shared his bed, set my alarm for 7 am, but he was soooo huge, that he kept kicking me hahahah and we both sleep the same! arrghh horizontal position! its difficult to position myself and since i am a guest and i dont want to hog the bed all the time, so in the end, i didnt had any good nights sleep! i wish i slept inside the tent though! arrrghhhhh


as lukas was kicking me in the bed, before i knew it, the alarm clock was ringing.
lukas rolling tabakos just like me!
arrrghh it was 7 am, i still feel sleepy, my train would leave at 9:50 am, so.... i still went to bed. but after tossing and turning, there is no way that i would be able to sleep even for an hour, so what i did, i went to collect my things, big lukas was still sleeping hahahha. i went to the toilet and amazingly i didnt noticed before that when you turn on the lights, it was connected to a stereo and it plays classical music inside the toilete and bath! genius! ^_^

i didnt took a shower, i just washed myself, and i didnt even bothered going to the kitchen to raid some food, as i am embarassed because it was also the food of the other people living there, so i decided to eat breakfast at west bf.

i hurried downstairs, when i was trying to open the main gate leading to street, it wont fucking open, i tried it a couple of times but it wouldnt, i almost destroyed it by pulling so har, it was made of old wood by the way.

so i what i did with my tired body, i went up again the high stairs leading to the top of the flat. i rang the bell and was afraid that lukas' other flatmates would open it, then after two rings, lukas tired and sleepy opened the door, i asked him how to open the door and with his eyes closed he told me to push a button that would automatically open the door! hahahahahahaha.

when i came downstairs i couldnt find that bloody button! a woman outside was already worried and shouting to me, and wondering why am i locked inside the house! hahaha, but i finally finally finally found that button and opened it, apparently the weoman was also from the house and i apologized to her, and i said i didnt know because i was only a visitor.
me and lukas!
hahahaha, i wasnt even at budapest yet, and ive already had some misadventures behind me! lol

walking again at märzstraße, i just found out last night that the street where lukas lives is just at the russian shop which i passed, but there was no sign that it was hackengasse! bloody! hahaha. so walking towards schweglerstraße station, it was raining so hard! good thing i had my hood, but i am worried that maybe it would be the same in budapest and i couldnt explore the streets because it doenst make any sense.

arriving at west hbf, i immediately looked for a cafe, and found one, the old woman at the cafe was so nice! i bought hot lemon tea and semmelwurst sandwhich, then i went to a supermarket and bought ice tea, multivitamin juice and buggles nacho chips! my favorite!

i still had one hour to go and i went outside to smoke and drank my tea, now the problem was i had a roll on tabako, and my hands are so dry from the stong wind and chill that its impossible to roll the self made cigarettes.
hahahahah stoned or what?! hahahaha

then i went to the trains, and looked again at the schedule, the train would leave in 20 minutes. i got inside the train, which is a good thing! the reservation seats are in the last car! and i have nice seats! and near to the toilets! AND I WAS ALONE! as i was eating my breakfast, the rain changed to snow! now great, its snowing in vienna, and its always colder going to east europe so i am sure it would be dead snowing there, i sent an sms to my travbuddy friend from budapest livia that i would arrive after 12 pm, as the train journey is about 3 hours. looking again at the window, i just rolled my eyes and spirit sinking,  it was a mix of rain and snow outside, great just great.

as the train started, i waited for the ticket controller before settling myself.
ayatollah khomeni and the president of iraq doesnt fit to the house! hehehe
it took a while before he came to our car, as it was the last one, gave my tickets and he stamped it.

i am so tired, sleepy and no energy, was like a wasted vegetable... and the train is slowly moving and snaking its way out of vienna which was very very slow, i put on my mp3 player and before i knew it, i fell into sleep.
lauro says:
hahahaha thank you, this blog isnt finished yet! i merged it with my trip to the philippines!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
vodkaphix says:
Fantastic blog! I admire your courage in difficult and scary situations, and tiring too, hehehe!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
yadilitta says:
das ist 100% wahr!
Posted on: Mar 13, 2009
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my small back pack for 3 days to b…
my small back pack for 3 days to …
i look scary at 12 midnight!
i look scary at 12 midnight!
a tent inside lukas flat! amazing!
a tent inside lukas' flat! amazing!
the coffee table, and i thought i …
the coffee table, and i thought i…
tibetan prayer flags!
tibetan prayer flags!
to the toilet!
to the toilet!
impressive artworks.
impressive artworks.
lukas rolling tabakos just like me!
lukas rolling tabakos just like me!
me and lukas!
me and lukas!
hahahahah stoned or what?! hahahaha
hahahahah stoned or what?! hahahaha
ayatollah khomeni and the presiden…
ayatollah khomeni and the preside…
lukas hand.
lukas' hand.
my poor breakfast of ice tea and s…
my poor breakfast of ice tea and …
buggles! one of my favorite junkfo…
buggles! one of my favorite junkf…
bartók bela, the name of the trai…
bartók bela, the name of the tra…
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