the longest 20 hours of my life and i mean it! arrghhhh

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i arrived in doha qatar with a mix of excitement and dreadfullness, i mean, who is crazy, like me - ehem hahaha, would book a ticket with a 20 hours stopover?!

actually it was the cheapest, so i went for it, not thinking of suffering the consequences. hahaha.

qatar airways was amazing, it was the first ariline i had with 3 different types of main courses to choose from, also wide ranged from european, arabic and asian. it was a comfortable flight from frankfurt, germany to doha, qatar to say at least.

doha still uses the old airport, but it cant hold the maximum amount of passengers and flight traffic to its measly little airport, so the aircraft was parked kilometers away from the airport, a bus transporrted us. getting of the plane, i sensed the desert air and heat, different from the heat ive experienced in the philippines and europe. it was at night, so it was not stiffling.

at the arrival area, i went immediately to the transfer counter, went past security and i am dying for a smoke, so i asked a taliban-like female ground attendant - hahahaha kidding, where the smoking area is, she was nice and smiled back and said upstairs, good start, so to speak!

when i got up, looks like i spoke too soon! it was so chaotic! lots of passengers are waiting for their flights, their connection flights or maybe just hanging in the airport?!!!! the airport really is SO SMALL  to accomodate throngs of passengers! i am getting worried about not finding a peaceful spot on my 20 hour stopover.

after i smoked, my stomach grumbled, but i found a foodcourt upstairs, it was really really chaotic, but i wade my way through it. i was really afraid that all them are arabic cuisine, but thank god i found a&w!!! so i ordered hotdog and rootbeer of course, now i dont have any rials with me, i only have euros, i asked the cashier if they acceot euro currency and they do! so i paid my coins (not knowing they are not allowed) but the cashier accepted them! amazing!

as i got my hotdog and took a first bite on it, i thought i was eating camel meat! hahaha it was the hardest hotdog ive ever eaten in my entire life! as i was chewing it, slowly as my other tooth was aching already, it felt as though i was chewing pebbles. i didnt even finished eating it, i want my teeth to be intact! hahaha.

as i went around the airport, i noticed an internet cafe! so i went there and was even more amazed as it was free but my face fell as every minutes it disconnects arrrghhh so no one can really stay longer and feel comfortable to browse the internet, i just checked my mails and stuff then went on again.

then i noticed a quieter spot on the very end, i went there and it was a manna from heaven for me!!! it has a cafe with more "quieter" people, a place where i can really sit and relax and read a book, but the lights were so bright that its impossible to sleep there.

anyway i ordered a green tea to calm my nerves, i know the baristas were filipinos, so i asked them nicely if they accept euros, but they answered me in a haughty way that they do and they only accept paper money and they will change in rials. i was taken aback by their rudeness, knowing me i can be snotty, but i just calmed down, i dont want to ruin my already sinking feeling and its really a nice area to hang out.

after i had my tea and read pages of the book, to refresh my german because i know every second withouth speaking or hearing it, i would forget it.

at 10 pm, my body really really really needed slack. i went around the airport and found a prayer room, and lo and beyond! the sleeping lounges for long layovers!

i quickly went into one and settled myself which was uncomfortable and difficult, the seat was made not for my size at all! hahaha so i went down on the ground and laid my shemag for my sleeping mat, as i was about to settle and fall asleep, some stupid people were so loud inside it! so i got up, annoyed and brushed my teeth withouth toothpaste! hahahha, but the thing was, it was also not nice to go inside the men's toilette as it is VERY DIRTY, i know that in islamic religion, the devotees washes their feet, arms and hands before praying and thats 3 times a day, because my father is islam and doing that, but if 398304830458403 men inside the toilet wash, there is a swimming pool already inside it! and the toilet bowls too are very very dirty, you have to close your eyes before doing what you have to do!

as i looked at my clock, it only 30 minutes passed that episode! arrrghhh, went back to the sleeping lounge and got lucky i found an abandoned pillow! hahahaha i dont care if that person has swine flu or anything but i took it!

so after tossing and turning, i finally made myself comfortable in the chair that was too big for my size!

but as soon as i was really sleeping, some bulky guy started to snore and woke the people who were already sleeping in the lounge! hahahahha arrrghhhh.

i put on my mp3 player, but i still can hear his snoring, then i put on my earplugs, it toned down his snore and the noise of the pa system which is going for 24 hours!

then as i am really really about to sleep. some idiot left the door of the sleeping lounge open and EVERY FOOTSTEPS of the people milling around are echoing! arrrghhhhh

lauro says:
paid off coz i got business class the next day :P
Posted on: Dec 07, 2010
huibdos says:
20 hours to sleep! what a trip:)
Posted on: Dec 07, 2010
vodkaphix says:
hahahaha, ahem, hhmmm, no! it's not funny - the situation. But your story telling is once again! LOL.
Sleep deprivation is a %!@"? Did you manage to sleep at all?
Posted on: May 09, 2009
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