the last day in a home called paraiso.

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yesterday was the best day we had in sagada, we wanted to stay a little bit longer, but unfortunately, our money ran out. a couple hundred bills of peso wouldnt let us get far, so sadly it was time to go.

last night, after we were at the lemonpie house, we ate at masferre, while waiting for our orders, there was a group of loud girls who came in, they seem to dont know what sagada is. they were very loud and vulgar. me and ben were sitting in the very corner, but one of them spotted us, and sat beside me! hahahaha when we ignored her, she left and ben whispered laughningg to me that sagada has now prostitutes. i laughed so hard und uncontrollably with ben's remark, that i almost choked! hahahaha. we ate our dinner as fast as we could then tried to look for an internet to check the email from tripinas for our pinatubo trek, unfortunately all the internet shops are closed at 8pm! so we decided to hang around in some bars, but there werent any interesting ones.
so we went back to the inn, packed our things, as our check out time was at 11:30 am, so we would take the 10 am bus.

we both woke up at 7 am, i went down and informed the reception that we would check out at 11:30, we ate our light breakfast of bread, eggs, pancakes and ham, as we found out, were not only the guests inside the cafe of the inn, but also the dog of the owner! a big black labrador that i forgot the name! the labrador was so gentle and friendly and kept hanging on us, until the owner shooed him away that she locked the poor labrador inside the kitchen! hahaha.

we still have enough spare time, so we went to the internet cafe and still waiting for the news about our trek to pinatubo, but i still havent recieved a reply, then i texted the agency still no reply.
so we went down to the main street, bouth souvenirs for us, went back to the inn, checked out and waited for our bus.

while i was waiting for ben downstairs, the caucasians from yesterday we met after we went caving, came to me, they greeted me and i greeted them back, and asked me if they want us to come with them to batad, in the rice terraces in another province in the philippines, called ifugao. they hired a private vehicle and looking for other "tourists" to join and share the cost. when ben came down, we all found out that they came from israel! they were so friendly but ben being ben, was not! hahaha the girl and me talked alot, but they could not convince us to come with them, they look so dissapointed, but i told them to hang around in the tourist information area, perhaps they could find people who have the same interest as they have! she thanked me for the information.

ben and me went to the bus station, we went to the empty bus, but it turns out it would leave at 1:00 pm, so we waited and waited and waited. but theres no bus for 10 am. so i asked the people around, apparently we missed it, and the last bus in fron of us would leavt at 11 pm, it was already full but we took it! there arent any more seats but only the seats in the middle with folding chairs, so we sat on it, and it was the most regretful thing to do as the road going down swayed and swayed. i felt someone was taking the guts out of me one by one! arghhhhhh! the bus was so full as the next bus leaves at 1pm.

we descended through the mountains in a bumpy ride, i tried to sleep but i cant because i dont have anythign for my head to rest on. finally came the first break after 2 hours!!! the good natured conductor withouth asking him in advance, saved seats for me and ben when other passengers went down! he was so nice!!! and very helpful too!

we passed by the massive and breath taking views of the cordillera mountains, back to were once before and until baguio!

before reaching baguio, rain clouds started to form, it was an amazing site as we were driving over the clounds again, so low that i felt i can touch them!

before reaching baguio proper again, rain started to pour so heavily and were caught in a traffic jam.
being stuck with heavy rains pouring and streets are almost flooded, it made me ponder about the trip to sagada, everytime i went to the place which is my home in the philippines, it always leaves a deep mark in my heart, everytime, colorful experiences were etched. memories will always linger forever.

sagada, for me is a paradise, the difficulties and challenge to to get there is always rewarded with beautiful things that i only see in my heart.
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photo by: lauro